CO2 Cannisters being mistaken for ‘Hippy Crack’

After spotting the below post from Alex of the Framed Bicycle Company we had to find out what was actually going on. We sat down for a quick chat with Alex for his take on the issue.

“Since the beginning of the year and all the festivals have started it seems that ‘Hippy Crack’ is the new trend and it comes in tiny little canisters. Since then I’ve worringly been having kids of around 12 to 16 years old asking if the CO2 canisters we sell contain ‘Hippy Crack’ and wanting to purchase them.

It’s pretty scary to think what might happen if some kid put one of these canisters in their mouth, I don’t even want to think what could happen.

We’ve had about 4 children come in asking about them so far and obviously I’ve been showing them the door, so I just want to bring it to the wider worlds attention that these canisters could be pretty lethal if anyone even dared to try inhaling the CO2″

Looking at the canisters it seems there isn’t any real warning just how dangerous they can be.  Maybe as the craze of ‘Hippy Crack’ becomes even more prevalent that may have to change.