British Downhill Series – Llangollen Photofix & Race Report

Everybody loves Llangollen. It’s steep, fast with plenty of tech thrown in. So the old adage ‘if it ain’t broken…’ seemed appropriate. But that was before we saw the track that the ‘Ride Portugal’ boys had built and boy had they built an absolute blinder of a race track. It was steep, fast, technical with massive jumps and scale! It felt like a massive epic course and the riders loved it. As a result the racing was close and boundaries were pushed as the riders were inspired to give it their all. Check out our massive photo epic below courtesy of Big Mac Photography and a mini race report courtesy of Louis Meade


The epic bit of the track was this gully! lots of riders struggles to get up and out of the steep banks on Saturday!

Llangollen was certainly an exciting race with a new track at a well renowned venue!

Man on the inside line- Joe Parffit said he was “on the struggle bus this weekend” Seemed like a pretty flat out bus to us….

Saturday practice started wet and rainy and many people were hesitant to get riding but after a first run everyone soon realised the rain had not stopped the fun!! Throughout the day the track got rougher and a few ruts seemed to appear as the track got ridden in. The dry tyres came out and we were impressed to see the track builders keeping on top of maintenance, keeping it running well all weekend.Riders took inides and outsides on these huge berms that were freshly built!

Eye’s focused, Emyr Davies was a man on a mission this weekend.

Classic Llan fresh track territory, clay, loam and rocks, a mad combination that kept the riders on their toes all weekend.

Emyr Davies smashing turns! 

Matt Walker styling it up! He just edged the win in juniors by a hair, but also due to the weather claimed fastest time of the day.Some mad photography here. Check out the shadow on MooreLarge Oneal rider Roger Viera

It was a battle in elites for the weekend with lots of the big guns out in Canada a few new faces were hoping to get on the podium.Will Hart Smashed the expert cat, winning seeding and clinching finals, his run would have put him 8th in Elite.

Jack Reading rode this track more than anyone leading up to the race, a cold put an end to his chances of a repeat victory we saw last year here.

“Is my back wheel straight?”


It was refreshing to see some new jumps, especially for the spectators at the bottom of the course.

Davies speed tuckin her in.

After seeding there was many rumours about a turn for the weather as the forecast suspected rain just before race runs.Marc Beaumont 4th on the day.

Emyr Davies smashed it into 3rd in Seeding, but it wasn’t to be for finals as the rain came and he understeered off this wooden bridge above that had no chicken wire.. 30mph OTB followed, luckily only a sprained wrist.


It was great to see local man Al Bond take second on the day. Brayton took the win, 1st in seeding backed with a solid time to win finals.

All in all it was a sick weekend, riding an awesome track and we can’t wait for some more of it!!

Photos by Big Mac Photography

Words by Louis Meade

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