British Downhill Series 2013 – Preview


Entries for the 2013 British Downhill Series are now live. Need some info? We have pretty much everything you need to know here…

BDS Events

Visit the British Cycling website to enter.

Dates and Venues:
1- 13/14th April Combe Sydenham, Somerset UCI cat 2
2- 11/12th May Fort William, North West Scotland UCI cat 1
3- 1/2st June Innerleithen, Scottish Borders UCI cat 1
4- 29/30th June Llangollen, Mid Wales UCI cat 2
5- 24/25th August Bringewood, Ludlow National Ranked Event (Not UCI).

Danny Hart on his way to the win at the 2012 Halo British Downhill Series in Fort William

Race Director:
Simon Paton:
Mobile 07968 229 359

2012 Race Schedule:
13:00 Venue open for team pits, parking and camping.
15:00 Course open for on foot inspection only. No transport to the top is provided or permitted.
15:00 Commissaire course walk.
18:00 – 20:00 Race registration, please bring your valid 2013 BC/UCI Race License.

07:00 Course open for on foot inspection only. No transport to the top is provided or permitted.
08:00 – 11:00 Race registration, please bring your valid 2013 BC/UCI Race License.
09.00 Uplift opens for all riders
09:30 Open practice for all riders.
17:25 Last Uplift Leaves.
18:00 Course Closed.
18:05 Riders meeting.
18:30 Course open for on foot inspection only. No transport to the top is provided or permitted.
19.30 Evening video.

08:00 Uplift opens.
08:30 Open Practice for all.
10:10 Last Uplift Leaves.
10:15 First Uplift for racing.
10:45 Course Closed.
11:00 Timed Seeding Run followed by one timed race run.
17:30 Last Elite racer down.
17:45 Podium.

The call up area is an open area, flat surface with plenty of room for the riders to wait for their race runs. Map showing course profiles, marshal points and positions of medical cover will be presented on race day.

Steve Peat – Fort William Halo British Downhill Series 2012

Entry procedure, distribution of identification numbers:
The race is pre entry, only though if spaces, we will accept very limited entries on the day.
Enter via the British Cycling website from December 1st 2012, please make sure you have a valid British Cycling Membership (Silver or Gold) and a Race License.
Race entry is £70.00 plus a £0.60 booking fee.

Entries for riders with 100 B.C points or more will receive priority entry. If by February 1st there are spaces available we will open entries to those with a B.C membership, race license and 1 B.C point or more.

Foreign riders please e-mail me directly to with the following information:
First name
Date of Birth
Age on December 31st 2013
Full Address
Emergency contact name and address
e-mail address
UCI Code

Aim to be the most technically advanced downhill mountain bike race series in the World:
Video streamed live and confirmed to, B.C, Dirt, Wideopenmag, Ride.i.o, BDS website and BDS Facebook pages.

Sponsors videos and branding shown throughout including interval breaks between categories and downtime i.e Red Flags.

Will also include live feed from the commentator. Showing live feed from 10:00 to close of podiums with an hours programme from 10a.m that will include a wide range of interviews , pit chat, bike checks and helmet cams of the track.

New interactive website with videos, blog, live timing and live feed.

Developed apps for I-Phone and Android: Live timing and live video.

e-mail/sms system to e-mail riders at 15:00 on Saturday with Sundays seeding times and on Sunday afternoon your race time. Plus the result and the overall results and a short message.

Facebook/Twitter uploads as we now have an I-Pad with built in 3G allowing us to upload trackside with all the latest news. Bringewood received 85,000 hits that week.

All results posted online by Sunday 18:00 of the race.

Media Manager: Ian Cross will manage the media and provide all our sponsors and media with photographs from the weekend.

Will Soffe ( at the 2012 Caersws Halo British Downhill Series

Current media outlets agreed to post up race report:, British Cycling, Wideopen,, Cycling News, Factory Jackson, Trail Guru, Singletrack, Moredirt, IMBA and more to follow..

Racer numbers will be available at the race office (large white marquee) where all riders must sign on and present their valid racing license. Failure to produce a valid license will mean an instant £10.00 cash administration charge that will go straight to British Cycling.
Riders will be given one number board for the series, it is their responsibility to look after them. A lost number board will render a £5.00 charge for a replacement as will a number board that has a modified shape and sponsors logos removed.

Rider Registration is open:
Friday from 18:00 to 20:00
Saturday 08:00 to 11:00

Race Categories and running order for both seeding and race run:
Juvenile –
Youth –
Veteran –
Master –
Women –
Elite Women -Schwalbe
Junior –
Senior –
Expert –
Elite – Schwalbe

Juvenile – Riders must be in the year of their 13th or 14th birthday.
Youth – Riders in the year of their 15th or 16th birthdays.
Junior – Riders in the year of their 17th and 18th birthdays.
Senior – Riders in the year of their 19th birthday then the Senior category is the appropriate aged based category. See below for how riders can attain Expert or Elite status.
Master – For riders aged 30 to 39.
Veteran – For riders aged 40 to 49.
Grand Veteran – For riders aged over 50

Marc Beaumont racing Combe Sydenham. This track was brought back from the dead for 2012 and will be round 1 for 2013

How do I qualify to a higher ability category?
Qualification from Senior or Junior to Expert or Expert to Elite is gained through your “End of Year” ranking points.

Elite: The top 40 ranked riders will remain Elite. Elite riders ranked outside of the top 40 will retain their status and any other eligible rider can gain Elite status if two World Cup finals have been achieved in one season. The top 10 Expert riders will be promoted to Elite. The 1st placed Junior rider will be promoted to Elite (British Cycling reserve the right to move more than 1 rider up on merit). Dispensation will only be considered for riders who have been injured for a minimum 8 week period during the months from April to September. A letter from a GP or specialist must be provided.

Expert: Any Elite riders ranked below 40, Expert riders ranked 11-80, Top 25 ranked Senior riders, Top 25 ranked Junior riders (only if 2nd year Juniors), 1st placed Veteran & top 3 Masters (optional, but Vets and Masters riding out of Cat will be offered Expert). Dispensation will only be considered for riders who have been injured for a minimum 8 week period during the months from April to September. A letter from a GP or Specialist must be provided.

Senior: Juniors moving up an age group, but outside the top 25, Entry level riders of senior category age, Riders ranked outside the top 80 Experts, Non licensed riders of Senior category age.

Prize Money:
The fastest 8 riders overall from the Male Junior, Senior, Expert and Elite will receive prize money and UCI points in accordance with the UCI rule book.
The fastest 4 riders overall from the Female Junior, Senior and Elite will receive prize money and UCI points in accordance with the UCI rule book.

All prize money will be paid directly by British Cycling.

Mens UCI cat 1
1st 665 euros
2nd 530 euros
3rd 400 euros
4th 265 euros
5th 200 euros
6th 130 euros
7th 100 euros
8th 65 euros

Womens UCI Cat 1
1st 530 euros
2nd 400 euros
3rd 265 euros
4th 130 euros
5th 65 euros
6th 65 euros
7th 65 euros
8th 65 euros


Mens UCI cat 2
1st 300 euros
2nd 230 euros
3rd 165 euros
4th 130 euros
5th 105 euros
6th 90 euros
7th 80 euros
8th 65 euros

Womens UCI Cat 2
1st 265 euros
2nd 200 euros
3rd 130 euros
4th 65 euros

Madison Saracen rider getting some speed up at Caersws BDS 2012

Race Regulations:
The event will run under BC and UCI Regulations and Penalties.
The BDS has the best safety record in the history of mountain bike racing in the U.K.
Friday 16:00 we will hold a course inspection with the Chief BC Commissaire, Head Marshal, Head of Course Maintenance and myself. Any recommendations will be immediately implemented.

UCI Commissaires:
A minimum of two UCI Commissaires will be present.

British Cycling Commissaires:
A minimum of three BC Commissaires will be present.

The course will be covered by 15x marshals all aged 21 years of age or older. They will have red and yellow flags, radio communications and be briefed each morning.

BDS rules incorporate those laid out in the current BC and UCI handbook of 2013 and further additions as listed below.
These are the 2013 rules that BDS Events insist on at each of their races.

Penalties are shown in brackets().

All riders must sign on before they practice or race on the course.
(Unable to ride or race)
Riding the course without being entered (one year ban from any BDS Event)
Failure to sign on before registration closes Saturday at 11:00a.m (Unable to ride or race)

Riding the course outside designated practice and race times (Unable to ride or race)
Competitors must have completed two full runs on the course by the end of Saturday (Unable to race)
No defacing number boards. The number boards remain the property of BDS Events until the end of your race season at the BDS (£5.00 to replace your number board)
Helmet cameras must not be worn or attached during seeding or race runs (Disqualified)

No headphones/i-pods/personal music systems whilst on course (Disqualified)
Helmet strap undone first time (Disqualified from Sundays race run)
Helmet strap undone second time (Disqualified from riding for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration)

Helmet strap not properly attached first time (Held in finish arena until Commissaire speaks to you)
Helmet strap not properly attached second time (Disqualified from Sundays race run)
Helmet strap not properly attached third time (Disqualified from riding for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration)

Skinsuits or lycra shorts may not be used during timed race runs.
Peaks must be correctly attached to your helmet as the manufacturer intended.
Under suspicion of theft, the police will be called and you will be detained until their arrival.
Anti-social behavour, vandalsim, riding mini-bikes, motorbikes, driving recklessly at the event (Disqualified)
Acts of violence, intimidation or vandalism will receive a life time ban.

This list is non exhaustable.
You will have to wait in the finish arena until the appointed UCI/BC Commissaire comes to speak to you regards any of the above. Please be aware that the Commissaire may well be up the course and you may have to wait some time before they are able to speak to you, thus loosing you valuable practise time and you even missing your race run.

Adam Braton fighting his bike towards a win at Glencoe Halo British Downhill Series 2012

Juvenile and Youth you must wear the following body armour:
Full Spine
Elbow pads
Knee pads
For riders that do not wear them (Disqualified)

Anti doping:
Riders participating in National Events shall be subject to In-Competition testing.
Any rider including any rider who has abandoned the race shall be aware that he/she may have selected to undergo testing after the race and is responsible for ensuring personally whether he/she is required to appear for sample collection.
To this end, the rider, immediately after finishing or abandoning the race shall locate and proceed to the place where the list of riders who are required to appear for sample collection, is displayed and consult the list.
A list of Riders who are required will be posted at the Finish Line and also outside the Anti-Doping Control Office.
We will provide a secure location for anti-doping following the guidelines.

Uplift Procedure:
Tractors, trailers, coaches and 4x4s will be used to transport riders and bikes up the hill.
Riders will be separated from their bikes and will be required to wear their helmet on their head at all times. We will provide an uplift marshal at the pick up point.
We aim to lift 200 riders per hour.

Race Timing:
Race Timing will be carried out by Sports Timing Systems, results will be posted in the main arena on completion of each event and online by Monday 12:00 after the event.
Radio or wireless communications will be used. The riders will start from a covered area with hand rail and will cross a laser beam to start the timing. The finish line will use laser beams again to capture the rider crossing the line.
Live split timing will be provided at the step down section into the open field. Provisional results from each category will be printed and displayed within five minutes of the category finishing.

Full Medical Cover will be provided, both on course and from an identifiable Base Station in the event arena.

Camping will be available onsite in a separate Camping area.

PA System:
A full Public Announcement Facility will be on site with announcements throughout the day.
We have secured the Eurosport World Cup Commentator to fill in whilst Toby Parodi the voice of the Halo BDS will be on hand all weekend. A Notice Board will be also on display in the Race Office/Rider Registration area for displaying information regarding the event.

There will be onsite Catering providing fresh hot and cold food and refreshments from 18:00 on Friday.

This will also include disabled and urinal facilities. All will be serviced on Saturday evening and restocked throughout the weekend.


Refunds and Transfers:
If you wish to cancel a booking please note the following cancellation conditions:
29+ days notice: £60.00 paid back.
15-28 days notice: £35.00 paid back.
14 days or less notice: no refund.

Transfer requests 14 days or less notice are not applicable.
Please note you can not swap your entry with a new rider.
Please note the race weekend starts from 15:00 on Friday (Course open for inspection) therefore the timescales above mean all e-mails must be received by our deadline which is 15:00 on the Friday.

Please email please note we will not deal with any cancellations over the phone, by text or Facebook.

BDS Events reserves the right to modify or cancel any event if unforeseen circumstances, these include cancellation of event beyond the control of the organiser due to weather, uncontrolled acts of God, violence, civil disobedience and war.
If a BDS event is cancelled we will not be liable for costs of travel fares, hotels, or any other expenses that may be incurred.
It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before travelling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled but we do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you. We strongly advise that you check before making travel and accommodation arrangements.

If the event is cancelled we are unable to refund or part refund any entry fee, we are also unable to transfer your entry to another event.

Please follow the Halo British Downhill Series on Facebook to ensure you are kept up to date.

Al Bond racing Combe Sydenham Halo BDS 2012

We will follow the BC and UCI guidelines for running the National Series to the letter. The only discrepancy will be showers which we will not be providing.


 will be producing race edits from all rounds again in 2013.  Check out our Llangollen 2012 edit below:

For more information on the series and to chat directly to the organisers you can visit the official British Downhill Series forum right HERE on

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