Borderline Events

ImageAn exciting new race set up is hitting the UK race scene in a few weeks, delve further for more information


Most riders want to get back to the start of their favourite downhill track with the least amount of effort possible.  Last year, Mike Marsden put that little bit more effort in and started his own uplift services under the name Borderline Events after gaining a lot of interest when he started sorting out some uplift services for himself and a few friends.

Borderline Events have been running swift uplifts days at two proven tracks, Molfre and Caersws, which have growing more and more popular.  At the Molfre venue Mike has been working closely with the local community to provide an even better service to the riders with an option of a pub meal and camping included in the already very reasonable, or rather cheap compared to other uplift services, price.


Some off you may already know of the growing famous Farmer Jack who owns the land at Molfre.  Jack has let Mike build a completely new track on the hill and has even been supplying free uplift services the day after the dig days for the builders.  Jack has helped a lot with the Athertons and there tracks and both the NPS downhill and 4x have been held at this venue on more than one occasion.   He also provides the venue with a great uplift with his tractors which drops you just meters away from the start of the tracks.

Meet jack here!


I have been on two of Mikes uplift weekends and both have run smoother than any I have been to before with a tractor always waiting for the riders and never a queue wasting that expensive riding time.  At just £35 for two days uplift, camping and a pub meal its amazing value for money and the service is great from booking it in almost anyway you want to right the way through to the wave as you leave the welsh hillside.


With the track proving popular to the riders and Molfre being a race proven venue Borderline Events are now forward on and will be holding their first race, with a difference, this October. 

So what is it Mikes up too?

“I initially came up with the idea to hold an event after many compliments about how relaxed and fun my uplift weekends were an someone suggested that I hold my own race – I wanted it to be fun for all levels – especially the younger generation and most of all those that had never raced before across all age groups.  The better riders will obviously take an event like this in their stride but with many first time racers and with the youngest lad ever to be awarded a race licence at the age of 11, young Bear Belk will be out there with the rest of them holding his own along with many first timers.  The importance of a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is high on my agenda.”

“On the Saturday there will be two courses open – this method is not super effective at Moelfre but my opinion is that it will hopefully bring the racing closer as riders cannot practice the race course to gain an advantage from those who haven’t that chance.  On the Sunday morning the course will be marked and the riders will then know which they will be racing – with no opportunity to go over the course in their heads on the Saturday or discuss which are the best lines this will hopefully make for an exciting format where it will come down to rider ability and tyre choice.”

“All I can hope for now is for everything to run smoothly and for everyone to enjoy themselves…..”


So if your up for a great bit of fun interesting racing or you haven’t raced before and want to give it a go without people fighting over series points then this is the event for you.  But if you do miss out, be assured that we will be reporting with how the weekends racing went.

Moelfre Hall – 18/19 October 2008
But if you do miss out, be assured that we will be reporting with how the weekend unfolds.