Blog – Wolfpack Adventures #2: Jumps as far as the eye can see

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think every UK mountain biker has experienced this…

Lying there in the baltic winter evening – dreaming of when the summer sun will next roll round – mindlessly scrolling through social media, drooling at all the ‘Disney-esque’ bike parks, pump tracks and dirt jumps wishing we had something like this right here in the UK.

Well, I think Leeds Urban Bike Park has the answer for you…

Biking is – quite literally – the new golf.

We took a trip down to check out this brand new golf course turned mountain bike park for the opening day and within minutes, I was blown away by what I could see.

Pulling into the car park, looking round, all I could see was endless mounds of perfectly sculpted piles of dirt.

So we took a stroll over to the cafe to ‘sign in’ as you’d expect at any place like this but to our surprise, we didn’t have to pay a penny. This amazing facility for bikers and a cafe to cure your mid ride cake cravings.

I couldn’t wait to rip my bike off the rack and go for a ride

You name it, this place has got it…

Huge pump track perfectly shaped for all styles of bikes and endless laps
A BMX skills track with jumps of all progress levels and multiple line choice
Advanced downhill jumps – And when I say advanced, I mean slightly bigger and faster than the jumps on the bmx track. I couldn’t even tell you how many jumps were. I lost count
A blue XC style trail that’s fast and flowing, taking you around the whole bike park

After a couple of hours thrashing round the tracks, trying stupid stuff, and tiring myself out, it was time for a cake n coffee break.

What’s not to love about this place? Every mountain biker loves a coffee and slice – especially if it’s mid ride to keep the sugar levels up and caffeine flowing – or is that just me?

Anyway…either way, there’s plenty of choice of hot and cold food to choose from as well as ample amounts of seating so you’re never left looking for seats or getting your mates to ‘grab a seat’ while you stand in the queue to order.

It’s wicked.

Long story short…If you want a fun day out thrashing round a brand new bike park, Leeds Urban Bike Park is for you!

Go check it out.


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