Bespoked – Handmade Bicycles Show

Rob headed to the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show. A celebration of handcrafted unique bikes from all disciplines and varieties. Some wild and mind blowing creations on show


Lets start of with a mountain bike and possibly the sickest headbadge out there, this build is by Ted James Design.


Ted builds what he likes, this is his latest MTB.



Before we go any further have you watched The Hack Bike Derby edit? If you haven’t go now, we’ll be referencing it a few times here. Ted, or Super Ted as many may know him by, was also one of the 17 builders who put together a Klunker for The Hack Bike Derby.  We love the rawness of this frame, simple design with a crazy fork/bar combo!


This bike by Ben Thompson solves BB’s getting too low, doesn’t it?


Mustard bikes by Prestige Cycles in Brighton had a very sexy looking Ti frame born in Brighton, made in Italy. Their Bespoked bike showcased some rather special custom hand painted Renthal bars.


The rest of the bike was dribbled in ‘pimped’.


So it seems Cotic got some funky tape measures from the same Staples store as Chris Porter?  This is long, we measured it, 128cm of wheelbase.  To put that into perspective, a medium framed Morewood Makulu DH bike has a wheelbase of 123cm.

This bike is full proto with Cy himself shooting around testing it as we speak.  Built in the UK, Swarf cycles have manufactured a carbon rear end, using a foam mould.  Not a production method, but a nice way to create a prototype. The carbon rear end knocks a massive 2lbs of the current Rockets weight.


This is purely a testing mule though and Cotic aren’t shouting about any numbers involved in terms of geometry just yet.  Porter isn’t involved here, but Cotic have been ‘influenced by other people’ pushing them to test the limits of geometry.


Cloud 9 Cycles had a high spec fixie on show, ENVE’d out!


Recognise those welds?  Some of the Cloud 9 frames have been tig welded by one half of BTR – Burf.


BTR’s Tam stuck to his DH nature with some double crown fork parts and a bit of a Renthal cockpit for his Derby bike.


Hack Bike Derby, DH Spec.

Wild paint job!


Holy head tubes!?  Urm, what?  Well, it’s as crazy as it looks actually.  In short, what Robin has created here is a bike which logs data against different headtube positions, mechanically.  Yes, mechanically, it basically draws its own findings.



Mind blown!  This is what happens in guys sheds in the 12 months between each Bespoked show.


Nice art work for the Hack Bike Derby by Adi Gilbert.


I like that, that’s how a Hack Bike’s grip should be.


BTR masterpieces just got a little bit better.  The guys are now using a very pretty stainless steel filler for their welds, posh hey!


Workshop envy?  This year The Bicycle Academy once again saw recent students winning awards at the show for their builds.  Building frames doesn’t just come from experience, you really can learn how to create fantastic bikes with outstanding construction quality.


Middleburn, timeless design.


That’s a good headbadge!


We’ve seen these forks on a MTB, but a road bike?



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