Team Ride It Out- 2018- Bike Check

2018 Team Ride It Out is primed and ready for the season ahead.
Here she is! We are so stoked with this years Team Ride It Out Race bikes.
We are kitted out with the best kit out there. Spec’d for a solid season, with focus on reliability and top end performance.
Here we are with our loaded Orange 327.

Scroll on to check out the details of this little beauty, our sponsors for this season. And of course the riders-

Emyr Davies- Elite Enduro/DH
World Cup regular and Figurehead Elite Athlete who’s even competing in a few EWS races this year. Emyr has the pace of road runner with the drifting skills of 1970 group B Ford Escort.
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Will Hart – Elite DH/Enduro
Will ‘the Whirlwind’ Hart. This young powerhouse dominated the Expert field last year. Entering his first year in Elite confident and stoked to race his first World Cup. He’s also not bad at cooking outside too!  Watch out!
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will hart
Louis Meade – Expert DH/Enduro
Louis just ozes style on his bike! If he’s in the air he’ll most likeley be sideways or in a flat table. And he’s blooming fast too boot!
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Louis Meade
Leo Houseman – Media Althlete / Enduro Elite
Leo, a must follow if your on Instagram! Give him any bike and he will be jibbing, jumping or wheeling it over something that will make you question what you’ve just seen.
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Leo Houseman

Orange Bikes latest development – the 327.
Sleeker, cleaner and lighter with a higher pivot point for rearward axle path and more progression to the shock.

Suspension has been crafted by the best – Ohlins. Running a TTX rear shock and Boxxer with custom Ohlins internals. These forks have been custom tuned by J-Tech Suspension. Even doing rider-telemetry sessions over winter to get the perfect rider setup.

“This makes a huge difference, having the best fork is one thing but having it tuned by the most knowledgeable man in our sport makes this set up a huge advantage for us.” -EmsOhlins mtb J tech

Cockpit is decked out in Burgtec 800mm bars with 50mm stem. Style and performance all wrapped into one.
Plus check out the top cap! It features Ems ‘s legendary dog Betsan! (thanks Ray!)

Bartender grips paired with  Hope tech3  V4. A package for ultimate control power and reliability. Oh!  And my god do they look stunning!

Ems loves his Crank Brothers Mallet pedals choosing to run the E version with Long Spindle.-  “They feel like a set of flats when you need to get your foot off fast, but stay right where you need them when things get rough” – Ems 

And look at those graphics!!! A huge thanks to Spiral GFX for getting these custom decals made for us.
Contact them for your own design.
Rubber and we are running Schwalbe. They have such a amazing range of tyres, from their  semi slick Rock Razor to the full on spike mud tyre- Dirty Dan were stoked to have the all conditions covered. Our firm rider favourite  has to be the Magic Mary DH with Addix Ultra soft. So much grip in almost every condition. Plus the new Addix compound is softer and doesn’t wear out as much either!

The Team is also running The Pro Core system. – “If there’s one thing I  love, it is Pro Core. It saves so many rim dents, and eliminates the chance of a the tyre slicing through a pinch puncture. BEST INVENTION EVER! Where have you been in the last 10 years of my life!” – Ems Davies

The chain is kept in place very nicely by Unite components Compact Bash Guild . It’s so easy to set up, (you dont even have to take your cranks off!) and looks banging too!
orange 327 bike check
We are very pleased to be protected by Kali protectives this season. Running their Shiva Full Face for DH and Open face Maya for Enduro.
Kali has some amazing technology incorporated into their helmets. The safety in these helmets goes way above anything we’ve seen in mountain biking before. Make sure to check out their LDL technology, groundbreaking stuff. 
 Kali ShivaAll our bikes are kept clean by lovely Kingud. This stuff works! And were stoked that it keeps the environment nice and clean too! 
A huge thank you to all of our team sponsors this year.
We cant wait to see how The Team gets on this season and it’s fair to say they are fired up after a strong off-season of training. 
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