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The NPS for 2007 has some new leadership. Once again Tristan met up with Steve Parr in the Woods. Now they assure us everything was above board, we'll let you make your own minds up, but here is a little preview as to what is going to be happening at this years National Points Series… Roll on!

On a sunny Sunday at Kinnerton in Wales we caught up with Steve Parr from SPS Events, coordinator of the next National Points Series which promises to be a blast. Steve has pulled out all the stops and working with Descent-Gears Si Paton (depending which of them you ask reveals what SPS stands for…).

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The next NPS promises to be better than ever with more happening and better organisation than in the past. Park Tool will be providing an Eazy-up and tool support for things such as emergency repairs (sorry lads you’ll have to change your Maxxis yourselves 😉 ) . Fenwicks the bike cleaner are providing a four high pressure jet washes bike station, 2006 BUSA stylee. Bill Henson of Ancillotti is stepping in to provide an as yet undisclosed cash prize for various winners of each category of the series. There will be a prize for fastest time of the day for each round, and there will also be another up for grabs for the rider who wins by the biggest margin at each round.
On a more serious note riders will have to have a valid BC licence to ride. After all the NPS is the showcase for the UK’s fastest downhill racers and over demand in the past has lead to delays with uplifts and racers having difficulty making their practice and race runs. There will also be a compulsory riders meeting at each venue with an incentive to attend being on offer. This has come about to make sure that absolutely everyone is fully up to speed with the conditions of each venue and any special safety announcements are heard by all. Another meeting will be held to get as good feedback as possible from riders and teams to make sure the events can be tailored to riders’ needs.

Pic- NPS 2

To guarantee some of the Worlds top riders and teams make an appearance at the NPS in 2007, SPS are liasing with all the top teams, riders and associated UK distributors.
Confirmed dates are up on the BC website as well as the official website of the NPS: www.NPSDH.com.
If the BUSAs at Eastridge back in March were anything to go by, the 2007 NPS is something not to be missed! All things being equal come and give the guys at the SDH eazy-up some grief at each round! Steve is already working hard and scoping NPS courses for ’08, keep up the good work guys!
More to follow.
SDH out.

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