1st Slice of Bike Place

As well as Core Bike, it was also Bike Place just on the other side of Silverstone Race Circuit. 1st Slice includes kit from Burgtec, TLD, Unich, Juice Lubes & Early Rider.


We all know who Burgtec are.  Born from their obsession in downhill, this rider-owned company have produced some iconic products in their time, and have arguably lead the way with some innovations and trends within downhill.


Up there with some of the first wide downhill bars on the market, the Burgtec RideWide DH bars have now been fast-forwarded into the world of Carbon.
  800mm wide, 9 degree back sweep, 4 degree up sweep and 20mm rise – sounds on the money for us. The RideWide Carbon DH bar will be available mid March this year, just in time to bolt it on your rig for the season.

Burgtec RideWide Carbon DH Bar RRP £124.99


What better way to show us who Burgtec are than a history lesson in their pedals. This was the first prototype of the Penthouse Flat, industrial and as bombproof as they get.


As it happens, the first production pedal (second one in) was actually fatter than the prototype. It’s no lie, this pedal put Burgtec on the scene. This photo shows the pedals right up to their newest evolution – the Penthouse MK4.


The Penthouse MK4 has evolved into a much slimmer design, essential with modern low bb’s. It still has its bulk at heart with a massive platform and solid construction.
Steel axle £99.99
Titanium axle £149.99


This is as much of a prototype as it gets, introducing the Burgtec SPD pedal! The guys at Burgtec have been pondering over this idea for some time. These guys are flats-’til-the-end really, but racing has come a long way in the last five years. Flats still win races  – Sam Hill amongst others still remind us of this. But for many of the top riders that extra advantage you can gain from pedaling using a clipless pedal isn’t worth ignoring.


So, in it’s first prototype stage this is an idea which Burgtec are happy to show people they are playing around with. Using a Shimano style system, the pedal still gives that big flat feel based around the Penthouse MK4. There is lots of work to come though, the lads have already openly said the axle is going to need a re-design, to get the SPD system in there it needs to be slimmed down, and going by their bombproof ways they will be making sure it damn well won’t bend.


When is it going to come out? Burgtec don’t even know yet. What’s it going to look like? Burgtec don’t even know yet. Ride.io will be keeping a close eye on this through development though and will bring you the news as it’s leaked.




We really liked these new kids bikes from Early Rider. With fat bike sized tyres (relatively speaking of course) carbon wrap bars and seat post and a cool little steering damper and really refined styling, we were expecting an eye watering price tag but apparently £149.99 is all one of these will set you back. Definitely should make your shopping list if you’ve got a little one on the way.



Juice Lubes are constantly adding new products to what is now an extensive range. New to the line up is their Carbon Friction Assembly Paste, Mineral Brake Fluid (now in the same containers as their lubes) and Juice Hero, an aerosol degreaser.



Troy Lee have gone with a ‘Mild or Wild’ line for their 2015 range. Some of it is pretty nuts, so it will be interesting to see how that’s taken up on the epic following that Troy Lee Designs have. Pictured here is the ‘Mild’, but super fashionable A1 trail helmet.


The A1 has had a few simple tweaks this year, one being that the frame work of the lid allows for much better placement of eye-wear.


Yeah, definitely not ‘Mild’ this one. ‘Wild’.

Mild A1 £119.99
 Wild A1 £139.99



These two Unich pumps available from the NRG4 distributor look bang on with their industrial dials and metal construction. For style awards, that has to be the best shock pump around!

Unich Shock Pump RRP £27.99
Unich Mini Track Pump RRP £39.99


More to come from Bike Place later this week.

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