The Offering is the newest addition to Evil’s lineup, a 140mm 29er that’s intended to sit nicely between the 120mm Following and the 161mm Wreckoning. According to Evil, “the Offering ended up being a unique specimen featuring some attributes and ride qualities we have been wanting to add for years but needed to wait for the right moment.”

The big news is the Offering’s steeper seat angle compared to Evil’s previous models – with a 140mm fork it sits at 77-degrees, a number that taller riders will be especially happy to see. It’s also possible to run the Offering with a 150 or even a 160mm fork depending what type of terrain a rider is planning on tackling.

Offering Details
• Wheelsize: 29″
• Travel: 140mm
• Carbon frame
• Head angle: 65.6° – 66.6° depending on fork, geo setting
• Integrated chain guide
• Clearance for 2.6″ tire
• Price: $5,699 – $7,399, Frame only: $3,099 USD

The reach on a size large is 482mm, right in line with the most modern bikes currently hitting the market. There’s also room to run up to a 2.6″ tire, and two drain ports have been added near the lower shock mount to give all that loam somewhere to go during those sloppy rides. And yes, there’s room to mount a water bottle cage inside the front triangle. Phew.

The frame only is priced at $3,099 USD, with complete bikes starting at $5,699. Want to go with a coil shock? Evil offer a Push 11.6 upgrade option that adds $900 to the final price.

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