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Author Topic: Dead Horses  (Read 10500 times)

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Dead Horses
« on: Jul 03, 2008, 13:23 »
And How To Refrain From The Flogging Of...


STOP QUOTING PICTURES! It's bloody annoying and I'm sure the 56k dinosaurs aren't laughing either. Theres no point half the time anyway, if it's funny/ sad/ cool laugh/ cry / wee yourself, say you laughed/ cried/ wee'd yourself but we don't need a detailed breakdown.

This isn't a Youtube referral site. Just like it's not an eBay scam reporting site. Just like it's not a torrent sharing site. The occasional link is fair enough but again I refer to the Epic Fail thread, thats just taking the piss. How hard is it to type "funny+fail" into the youtube search box and find it yourself???

Quit it with the adolescent bitch fests. You know who you are, you're not funny and all that negative karma should perhaps be telling you something. Go vent your hormonal rage over your big brothers Razzles or something.

For Sale Board:

If you don't want to buy don't comment, how simple is it? A seller doesn't need you wading in and telling the world how wrong a description cause you're a huge geek that knows the intricacies of the universe. PM them if something is wrong, word it nicely. Chances are the seller will be grateful and amend the offending detail as necessary. If they don't act then tough on them. If they are making a fraudulent claim however and don't act (people DO still make mistakes, we're not that evolved yet) then report them to a mod and let them deal with it, it's what they do and constantly ask you to do.


General Banter:

DH /MTB related chit chat. We don't need in in depth discussion every time something good or bad happens with a mail order company. We don't know when you brake cable will arrive, we don't know why they won't answer the phone, we don't know whats happened to your warranty claim - ASK THEM, TALK TO THEM, if you genuinely have had a terrible experience then by all means name and shame but first accept the fact that mistakes happen on occassion.

Hot Girls:

Yes it was good, we were given a place to show off hot birds, argue their merits or downfalls and share our tastes (or lack thereof) in women with our fellow forum users. Then I went to sea for 3 months. Then I came back. And it was still there. I had a look and for the life of me I'm not sure why its still there beyond the desire to perpetuate the Page 3 > Hollyoaks > Suicide Girls > Scene Kids > American TV Star > Real Bird > Fetish Model > Page 3 > Ad Infinitum loop it seems to be in.

We have the internet, we all know how to find hot women according to a specific type, all you need is Google Images and keywords. Case closed.

Epic Fail:

This was probably the result of some b3ta picture challenge many moons ago but is something that has escaped and oozes around the web in OT boards and emails. Half of it isn't funny and the other half we've seen a million times before.

Tech Support:

Since when did this forum ever advertise tech support for MSN, facebook, myspace or in fact any website, phoneline, email provider, carrier pigeon service or semaphore waver beyond the realm of the SDH forums or website? Never. So even if someone does know or care what the problem is they can hardly help you or tell you when it will be sorted. Go ask someone who can.

Time after time these issues are brought up but whenever they are you're told to stop being so pissy, don't look if you don't want to see it etc. etc. I like having a chill zone, OT discussion is all well and good but it seems that some people love to take dead horses and flog them into a useful paste which will one day be used to stifle the last sane breath uttered in this troll infested, IQ sapping curse we call an internet.

And yes I'm in a bitter mood today, no good reason but venom is nice on occasion...

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