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Author Topic: Mudhugger vs Face Fender vs Face Fender XL  (Read 3193 times)

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Mudhugger vs Face Fender vs Face Fender XL
« on: Dec 08, 2014, 20:22 »
Looking for a mudguard and struggling to actually distinguish between these three. All seem to be rated pretty highly. As far as i can tell, the Mudhugger will do the best job out of the bunch, but i'm being vain and would rather something a bit smaller. My friend has the Face Fender (actually its a marsh guard but they're identical as far as i can tell) which seems to do a pretty decent job but it doesn't look like it'd work as well as the muhugger. Then there's the XL version which i'm wondering is maybe a compromise of the two but there's less info/reviews on this one. Any advice on these?
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