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Author Topic: 2013 alternative DH racing  (Read 2485 times)

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2013 alternative DH racing
« on: Apr 08, 2013, 19:22 »
Hi Guys just some Trail Bike racing info for you.

Over this summer we are moving away from our 100% pure DH event and putting on some mini DH races and push up DH races on longer routes than we could for a mini DH. If you enjoyed the Trail Bike TT event I m sure you ll enjoy these races. There wiill be free camping at each event with onsite catering and toilets. We will be closing all events at 200 riders so that we can look after you properly. Make sure you get entered nice and early so as not to misss out. If you enter before 2 weeks of the event commencing each day will cost £19.00

June 22nd we have a Mini DH race near Patley Bridge in North Yorkshire. The event is aimed at all ages from 10 years old upwards. Perfect for those of you with trail bikes or wary of entering a full blown DH event.

June 23rd we are at the same venue but will be marking out an extended track probably most suited to a trail bike but with absolutely no uphill pedaling!!!!! Any bike will do DH, Trail bike or Hardtail

August 17th we ll be at Carlton Bank using the trails that finish in the meadow plateau near Lord Stones Cafe for a Mini DH. Again perfect for those of you with trail bikes or wary of entering a full blown DH event.

August 18th we ll be running the Yorkshire DH champs at on the Old Nema/Nambs track. A big long run but remember when this track was originally built DH bikes had 4 inches of travel!!!! So your trail bike will get you down the hill just fine.

here are the links to enter each event.





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