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Author Topic: What kind of injuries have you had in mountain biking? - product design project  (Read 12937 times)

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thanks for all the help! this is all really useful info for the project!



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My major one was a broken scaphoid - went OTB and landed with my left hand stretched out.
Pretty sure I broke my hand (never got it looked at) in france by going OTB again nosing a jump and as I landed, I sort of punched the floor. Left hand again...


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Tore ACL + stretched PCL and MCLs + needed 50% of cartilege removed from one side of knee + abrasion to femur.

Got lairy over a jump in the Alps and just rag dolled down the landing with my right leg out.

Next 2 summers were the greatest ever with original accident taking up all of one, and the surgery taking up the next.


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Cracked ribs, broken finger and internal bleeding in my kidney - High sided and went over the bars into a tree
Knocked myself out and got concussion - Over the bars again
And obviously loads of little bruises and cuts... mainly elbows/forearms and shins
-Angleset for 127mm/5" headtube for IH Sunday
-Thin Saddle... Charge Knife / Funn Skinny RL / Sunline v1 / Selle Italia SLR etc.

Ben Irons

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Lots and lots of Gashes. 1 of which got horrendously infected thanks to the extreme medics at Rheola 07 telling me to make my own way down the course with a massive bleeding hole in my arm, subsequently getting filled with mud as I fell trying to make my way to the bottom.  ;D

Broke my neck a while ago, head first into a tree.  However never realized until it had healed by itself after a GP sent me for an X ray, many weeks later being told to come to Hospital urgently and ending up on the spine board .  :angel:

Colar bone twice, second time breaking in three mangled pieces.

Severe concussion - too many to remember  ;) New Helmets are getting a lot better with the ATSM DH standard.

I wear a neck brace now and having been in a few big head firsts with it, I'm very glad I wear one.

That picture of the dislocated ankle reminds me of seeing Steve Peats ankle at Rheola 07.  Ouch!


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I have:
faceplanted and broke a tooth with swollen lip,
skidded on my backside along morzine DH track,
suffered many pedals to the shins,
and many more...

bit accident prone!



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The worst  I have suffered was a fractured calcaneum and fibula (both right leg) Over the bars onto a road. Foot took all the brunt! Full reconstruction with plate and wire, then MRSA! Six months on crutches, having to learn to walk again and i now walk with a limp, but I can ride my bike so not alll bad!


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My worst was a full spleen removal.

Riding at christmas eve, was a bit icy, tried a wide line into a little jump, front washed. I got thrown over the bars and landed down a small gully onto my left fist. Split my spleen clean in half had to have the whole thing removed.


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Broken wrist and a good concussion ( cant remember anything from that day - step up at a bmx track
Popped my shoulder out - hit a tree
Cracked ribs- hit a tree
Broken little finger - went over le bars and caught it in some rocks
Broken femur - got a step down, so very very wrong
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Broken scaphoid - OTB
Dislocated finger - Washed out in a rocky berm, put my hand down)
Broken big toes (both) - kicking stumps
Broken Ribs - Ejected from hitting the face of a landing
Double fracture-dislocation of the middle of my right foot - mid air eject at 40mph+
Strained Neck - hitting a tree


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Broken thumb (operated and pinned)
Dislocated lunate, broken scapoid and torn soft tissues to wrist (operated, plated, screwed, reattached ligaments)
Knocked out + a week of concussion
Two badly infected knee trauma injuries
Shoulder (think I probably had a slight seperation or break, took about 5 months to stop hurting)

Then the usual bruising to pretty much everywhere at one time or another.  Got bruising on my shoulders the other day from an OTB from where the neck brace took the impact.

Alex @ Racersguild

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Dislocation Right thumb x 8+ (plus scaphoid damage x 3) (Mixture of over-the-bars and slides)
Dislocation left thumb x1 (OTB)
Broken fingers x 4 (Various un-memorable falls)
Broken Right clavicle x2 (Broke it Jan 07, rebroke it march 07, Both OTB following collisions with hidden objects off the track)
Broken metatarsals right foot x3 (Got gusted off a large jump, put my foot out on landing. Drove home after that one!)
Broken rib x1,  (Fell off a slippery log ride at Ae, smacked log with my chest.)
Bruised ribs x several (Various non-memorable falls)
Broken maxilla, cheekbones, eye orbits, nose (total depression of nose into face, corrected with surgery) following failure of full face helmet when I hit a tree at mach 10.
Chipped coccyx x1 (Looped out at a skatepark)
3 x TKOs (Mixture of skatepark, XC and road)
Various cuts and scrapes, including to forearms (Various minor crashes)
Road burn to face, arms, shoulders after 30mph road crash. (including over still healing cuts to forearm cuts/scrapes, resulting in scarring)
Serious lower back injury resulting in near constant pain + sciatica. (My singlespeed was a size too small, go figure!)

Fortunately, they had the technology!

I wear the best MTB full face helmet I can afford since my facial injury. I use knee pads, but do not routinely wear body armour, except for racing.
With the back and foot injury, standing for any length of time, especially in the cold can be somewhat uncomfortable.
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shattered my left heel which is now plated and screwed. My accident happened in les gets 2 and a half years ago, big over the bars at the top of a drop which sent me over the drop, face first into the deck at full speed. I dislocated my shoulder, broke my arm, dislocated jaw and had big internal bleeding at the same time.
To this day I still cant walk far and cant run anymore.

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