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Author Topic: Achilles, partial injury or rupture  (Read 2418 times)

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Chris Diver

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Achilles, partial injury or rupture
« on: Aug 11, 2013, 12:28 »
Hi am interested in knowing if anyone has had a partial achilles injury ( partial  tear ) or a rupture and what recovery was like regarding mountain biking etc.

5 weeks ago had thought i strained my achilles. Iced it and carried on riding the following day..although i couldn't downhill or attempt a jump / table top...so i just xc rode and freewheeled when needed. I couldn't clip in and just pit foot flat on pedal. the ankle in question is my right one.

when i got home, had three physio sessions..at the third session ( two weeks after incident ) it was suggested i go to doctor and get refured to orthopedic consultant as the physio thought i may have a tear in calf.

i saw consultant three weeks after incicdent, and they have suggested that it may be a "partial Injury" in the achilles and have booked me a scan...which will be done approx 6 to 7 weeks after incicdent. consultant advised no excersise, and offered to get me a walking cast...which i turned down, he asked if i was sure, yes...i can walk ok and driving a car.

i was still riding a bike up to that point, very gentley just doing roads and easy bridle ways with ankle straps on and compression socks. have still been riding since, again just easy riding...clipping in and out for when i can tolerate it ( there is no pain...just not entirely comfortable ).

anything that is going downhill i have to make sure my left foot is forward and any weight is going thru my right heel...so i could easily blag my way thru gentle xc rides, even pedaling up hill.
i know i havent got the strength to put the right foot forward and adopt a DH stance out of saddle

but i know there is a serious issue, although not sticking to docs advise i just cant be immobile. even when i am seeing that i am walking better...but still very flat footed.

still got the signs of a tendon tear , flat foot walk, cant go up on tip toes...but there is no pain and non-significant stiffness.

curious to know if other people have had similar injury..did they carry on riding etc...  cheers

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