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Author Topic: New Workshop Opening In Aylesbury  (Read 3292 times)

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New Workshop Opening In Aylesbury
« on: Jun 11, 2012, 15:20 »

A new professional outfit is looking to open in Aylesbury, we are looking for some feedback as to who would use the service. Key point being the workshop would be open from 5-10 in the evenings to ensure timely drop-off and collection of bikes!

Any feedback would be greatly received!


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Re: New Workshop Opening In Aylesbury
« Reply #1 on: Jun 11, 2012, 22:00 »
A question, not a criticism...:
What is your USP?

Reason I ask is because I can't tell what value add service you provide. As a bike enthusiast, like most in here, we are able to sort out most minor issues on our own bikes, or have a mate who can.

Are you offering suspension tuning/ servicing ? If so, what would make me use your services in stead of the likes of TFTuned, Mojo, Jtech or Plush services (who is also based in Aylesbury)

From the looks of it, you seem to offer quick turnaround, which is great - does that mean you will stock "most odds and sods" to get us up and riding quickly in times where we can't get some issue sorted quickly?

Either way, good luck with your new venture.

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