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Author Topic: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12  (Read 4177 times)

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Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« on: Apr 23, 2012, 13:52 »
Hi, I have written a race report for Sundays race, if you can let me know what you think, as I have to start to produce these things for my sponsor and wanted to test it out.


26/04/10 – Mr Bling’s series Riverhill race

Sunday saw a new venue to race as Mr Bling’s race series which has become a focal point for all downhill mountain bike racing in the South East at Riverhill in Kent. The venue was just off the A21 about 5 miles from the M25 so a great location which provided views onto the South Downs.

Mr Bling’s team had managed to build a track from scratch ready for this race, which was a great effort and well done all who helped in getting it ready.

The track started on the top ridge of the hill, through tight trees which opened onto a small fire road with two off camber bus stops and down into a tight berm and into the steep section.  The steep section started with a log jump that turned right into a straightaway with a tight step down halfway and then a left turn with a few line choices depending how brave you’re feeling. The uppermost line put you onto a fast step down and then attempt the tight right hand berm, or the lower line which was a straight line down the hill, this all finished on a lung busting pedal through an open field to the end line.

This steep section was the main area for the spectators to watch the race and they were entertained as the steep section was claiming a number of riders who got out of shape and threw themselves down the hill minus the bike. I saw one guy go over the bars and landed on a log that actual split in two!! Luckily he also landed by the medic and after a min he was up and ok.

After heavy rain over the last week the top section of the track was heavy with mud were only the strong could survive, it turned the top into a 1 minute flat out pedalling sprint which sorted the men from the boys, as soon as you dropped onto the fire road section the mud cleared and the real riding could happen. 

Sunday started with clear sky and the racers found Mr Bling in his usual chirpy self, the snack wagon ready and fired up and also On Your Bike shop from London who is one of the race series new sponsors providing bike support and selling some very nice stuff, especially the new Troy Lee Design helmets.

Racing got underway with a slight delay as we waited for the timing to be set up, but the same great atmosphere for a Bling race was at the top of the track as the racers waited around and caught up, Alex from the Bike Plus team recalling his first round at the BDS and Erik Purres on his new Norco Aurum.

Then through the trees came the fog horn shouts as Bling told us we are ready to go and the first rider was off to cheers. The third rider managed to get nearly 20 yards before he became the first person to go down due to the mud.

By the look of it, the first runs were a safe run to get a feel for the track and by the second run most races picked up the pace as the mud started to dry and line choices started to work out

After the second runs and it was time for lunch, with the sun still beating down the top part of the track really started to dry and tyre choice started to make a difference. For the first time the top section was rolling and I even started to overtake the fly’s who for the first two runs had been hitting the back of my helmet. As soon as the third run was over it was straight back up the hill and go for the fourth and final run, but just as the first guy started then the rain started and by the time my run was over the rain was biblical and had slowed down most run times.

So it finished with a sprint to the car park to hide from the rain and help pack up, with the On Your Bike tent trying its best to fly back to London on it own. Due to the rain the prize giving was huddled round Bling’s van with a few pats on the back and round of applause. 

Riding in each category was close as conditions changed and rider got used to the track.

Juveniles: Jonathan Mallet took the win of Alfie Killner after his second run of 1:39, Alfie held off David Coxon to keep second after a good last run by David. 

Youth: Harry Moore took the win with a good third run and took 5 seconds off his fastest time, Alastair Holland took second place and a time under 1:30 with Sam Dixon-French taking third place and holding off the rest.

Junior: Sam Brightman had a storming day and was almost in a league of his own, his best time of 1:16 the 3rd best time overall. Tom Thain came clear in second place and James Aveil again clear in third place.

Senior: Saw the fasted time of the day by Dan Downey who stormed a 1:14.44, Liam Saint taking second and the second fasted time of the day with James Downey making it a 1 – 3 for the Downeys in third

Masters: Looked like a bit of a ding dong with the lead changing between the top three on each run. It finished with Ashley Moore taking first, followed by Chis Winfield and Tim McDowell who held of another good last run by Andrew Turner to nearly take the place.

Vesteran: A good day for the Killner family with dad taking second place in vet’s and son taking a second place in juveniles, I scraped it out with Joe and had a good third run to take first, with Gary Ebeling in third.     
Hardtail: It looks like Gareth Parr had the ride of the day with a last run in the worst rain and came home in 1:18, Reg Marsh also had a good last run to hold second, with Will Minton in third.   

As ever with Bling races some great prize were handed out with my prize being a full bike service from Bike Plus shop in Croydon which is another race series sponsor, so I will be up soon to get my bike ready for the rest of the season.

Thanks to Bling for another great fun race and good luck with the rest of the series, cheers to all the other riders for making it such a laugh and the crowd for the encouragement, shouts and dragging crashed riders off the track. Last thanks to Intrepid clothing for helping get my kit in order and Alcatel One touch for the support.

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Re: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« Reply #1 on: Apr 23, 2012, 17:50 »
3 races for the price of 1
1, XC at the top
2, dh in the middel
3, grass track at the bottom

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Re: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« Reply #2 on: Apr 24, 2012, 08:00 »
nice report andrew its seems that you have covered everything i trust by the results you had an easy win that day are you racing the dh at porc this sat.?


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Re: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« Reply #3 on: Apr 24, 2012, 09:02 »
Hi, glad you liked the report, I have this weekend off then off to the Gravity project in two weeks.


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Re: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« Reply #4 on: Apr 26, 2012, 22:06 »
Look Marlow can't even spell I suggest you start using spell check school boy just go away


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Re: Race report from Riverhill 22/04/12
« Reply #5 on: Apr 26, 2012, 22:21 »
I be at the next one if its not a clash,
I know Marlow a bit hes a NOBBY
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