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Author Topic: Really unstable shoulder?  (Read 4875 times)

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Re: Really unstable shoulder?
« Reply #15 on: Jun 02, 2010, 08:07 »
You want to speak to Mr T D Bunker at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. He's the dogs danglies when it comes to shoulders.

I was suffering from multiple dislocations (like 10 in one year) over a three year period and decided to get my s**t together. I saw Bunker and he suggest an operation that meant moving the little bit of bone that the biceps mount to in front of the shoulder socket. This bone physically stops the arm coming out and reduces repeat dislocations because it is no longer a soft tissue issue (meaning that if you fall hard enough the soft tissue is only going to rip open again).

I have not though had the operation. Like I said I wanted to get my s**t together before going under the knife and I set myself a very strict muscle building regime. Start slow and work up. But don't go too hard; I dislocated my shoulder in the gym trying to be the big man stabalising my shoulder.

I now do absolutely no work above my head with weights higher than 3kg - so I adapted my training to include higher reps and less weight. This means less physical mass but much higher tone. This it seems has worked for me.

I went for an arthroscopy recently and was assessed by Bunker under the kife and before the op and he said that whatever it is that I have been doing I need to continue. He has now changed his mind about whether or not I need the operation and has stated that it is my choice - my shoulder is stable enough.

My training works on the principle that biking on really only works your triceps and back muscles (which is good to en extent) however this leads to imbalance in muscle strength and therefore instability. If you work on making your biceps, pectorals, deltoids, triceps, forearms, neck and lower back stronger, although not necessarily bigger, then in my opinion you will compensate for the weakness in your soft tissue. This has worked for me.

I dont need a shoulder brace when I ride anymore, I can lift stuff above my head in confidence that my shoulder isn't going to pop, I can play fight and not worry about it, I can sleep on my bad shoulder all night long and not wake up startled because it has just popped out and back in again. I can ski and not worry about it popping out, I can lean across my van and do the passenger side window winder and not wory about it popping out.

Go see a physio, get really serious about exercises and I rekon your shoulder will thank you.

One other very important thing to remember is time off the bike. I skied all winter so didn't ride for about 3/4 months. I think this really helped the training - my body wasn't being stressed as hard on the skis as it was on the bike.

Food for thought...
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Re: Really unstable shoulder?
« Reply #16 on: Jul 15, 2010, 08:37 »
I finally did the proper job and dislocated it in rugby 2 nights ago. Definitely not worth the pain and I suggest anyone with similar problems get it checked ASAP haha gotta love hindsight

Can you recommend me some painkillers to get cos Im still getting these shooting pains when i move my arm, and it feels as unstable as ever. Sleeping atm is soo bad waking up at about 5am after going to bed at 1am. Ive tried my mum's coedeine that she used for her back, but that gave me like 5 nightmares in one night lol...not sure if thats a side effect.
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