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Author Topic: Forum Buying and Selling Guide - 10/11/06  (Read 18897 times)

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Forum Buying and Selling Guide - 10/11/06
« on: Nov 10, 2006, 08:21 »
Online Sales Guide – Tread carefully and look out for Number 1.

Buyer’s Guide

•   Ask lots of questions
Make sure you are informed as to what you are buying, its price, how the deal will be conducted and most importantly the exact condition of the item. Disputes often occur when goods arrive in a previously undisclosed condition. Make sure you KNOW what you are buying.

•   Do your research
There's nothing worse than paying over the odds, so invest a little time doing your homework... it could save you money.

•   Save communications
In case something goes wrong, save ALL your emails and personal messages. That way it's a lot easier to resolve disputes.

•   Contact information
All too often people don't get enough contact info. You need AT LEAST a telephone number, preferably a land line AND an address from your seller if you are using an online bank transfer or PayPal where you do not physically have to send the seller a cheque for example.

•   Ask an Admin/Moderator
If you have problems come to us first. We'll try and help wherever possible. A large number of disputes have been resolved with our assistance.

•   Agree a timescale beforehand
Before you post/send payment to the seller make sure you are both clear about the timeframe for delivery. Complaints have arisen in the past because one or other of the parties involved has gone on holiday for example and hasn’t responded for a long period. Make sure your seller isn’t going to Timbuktu for 6 months.

•   Payment
When paying for an item it is always best to pay cash and meet the buyer in person directly. However this is not always possible and there is always a risk with posting payment. Do NOT post cash unless it is via Special Delivery. The Post Office will not honour claims for cash lost in the post unless it is fully disclosed and covered by Special Delivery. If paying by cheque write your name and address on the back of the cheque in case it becomes separated from its envelope. It is always best to send even cheques via Recorded Delivery to prevent any confusion over its arrival. If using an online method such as internet banking or PayPal make sure you have all the necessary contact details. To be covered under PayPal’s Buyer Protection Scheme make sure the Seller is a Verified PayPal User with a confirmed address. Familiarise yourself with PayPal’s terms and conditions before completing a sale/purchase and never ask to be paid by, or pay a seller by, sending the payment as a "gift".

•   Concerns about Scammers
If you are concerned that a user on the forum is attempting to scam someone then report the thread immediately to the Moderators where it will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please do not post lots of accusatory posts in their for sale thread if it is not certain they are not legitimate.

DO NOT use Western Union. It is notoriously linked with scammers. Report anyone who will only accept payment via Western Union to the Moderators for appropriate action.

Seller’s Guide

•   Make the condition of the item clear
Ensure your buyer is fully aware of the condition of your item. Write a thorough and detailed description, be as honest as possible and do not deliberately hide problems. If the item turns out not to be as described buyers will no doubt be particularly upset and if this is the case we will provide as much assistance as possible to the buyer. UK legislation covers buyers if goods are misrepresented even in the case of second hand sales. If this is the case and the buyer has clear proof of this then they may seek legal action.

•   Post a price
Always add a price. Threads without prices will be removed. Threads without prices all too often descend into slanging matches. Threads with "Offers wanted" post in the appropriate thread. Offers threads will be removed.

•   Post your ad in the correct section
The sub-sections of the classifieds are self explanatory. By putting it in the right one you will increase the chances of someone finding what they are looking for. Do NOT post classified adverts on any other part of the forum. They will be moved/deleted without warning.

•   Agree a timescale
Make sure both you and the buyer are fully aware of the timescale involved. If you are going on holiday for example, let your buyer know before commencing a deal that there will be a delay.

•   eBay links
Do not start a thread which has an eBay link in. We are not a linking directory for eBay and if you are selling it on eBay then chances are it's not to someone on here, so don't bother.

•   Bumping and unnecessary posting.
Do NOT bump your own threads. Simple as that. Replies bumping a thread will be deleted; repeated bumps will mean the whole topic is deleted. Repeat offenders will be prevented from posting in the classifieds. This goes for friends saying how good the above item is or how amazingly cheap it is. If you are not interested in buying the item, do NOT post a reply. Concerns about overly high prices should be reported to the Moderators.

•   Dispatching the item
Once payment has cleared it is time to send the item. Determine its weight, think about its value and determine postage accordingly. The Royal Mail website has a clear pricing structure freely available. If posting an item the contract for delivery is between the seller and the delivery agent, usually the Post Office. If the item does not arrive the buyer will be understandably upset and wanting a refund. Make sure valuable items are fully insured in case the worst does happen. Make sure items are well protected and it is best to keep photos of the items’ condition if it does arrive damaged in transit. Disputes with the Post Office over items lost or damaged in the post can take up to 4 weeks or longer. When determining a postage, set a price which is fair, people severely dislike paying ridiculously inflated postage costs.

•   Old posts
Please let us know if you have sold an item and want the topic deleted. Edit the post title to “Please Delete” or report the thread to a Moderator for removal. This will help keep the forum tidy and means you won’t get e-mails or PMs long after the item has been sold.

•   Report timewasters
Buying of second hand goods always involves speculation. It only takes one potential buyer to follow through and you have sold your item, even though there may have been countless people interested before it actually is sold. However if someone constantly wastes your time report to a Moderator.

•   Prohibited items
Some items are not suitable for sale on the forum. These include the following:
   -Weapons of any kind including but not limited to BB guns, paintball guns, airsoft guns, air rifles, blades, knives, catapults etc
   -DVDs with age restrictions
   -Other age restricted items like cigarettes (yes people have tried to sell these on here before...)
   -Illegal items (obviously)
Since we are not able to verify sellers’ or buyers’ ages we cannot allow the sale of age restricted items on the forum. Repeated violation of the prohibited items rules will result in a permanent ban.

General Points

•   Blacklisting
Blacklisted status is given to proven unreliable buyers or sellers and it is shown on their forum profile. This gives instant visibility when buying or selling and item from or to such people and allows the other party to make an informed decision whether or not to proceed. Fortunately only a small number of people are blacklisted and this status is not given out lightly.  In the case of some disputes members are automatically Blacklisted until the matter is definately resolved. Forum members who redeem themselves have the Blacklisted status removed.

•   Any problems, just ask
The Moderators and Admins are here to help. If you see any potentially problematic threads or are experiencing any problems with other forum users then get in contact with us. We are here to help and can often resolve problems quickly.

•   Most importantly
Enjoy the forum and happy bargain hunting!

SDH Admin Team
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