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Title: £50.00 for a full weekends uplifted racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: uproar on Apr 08, 2013, 19:24
12 days and counting to get the cheapest uk uplifted DH racing spot reserved. Heck I think other than an NDH uplift its the cheapest 2 days uplifted riding your gonna get plus you get the added safety of a BC commissionaire, paramedics, marshals NDH bike safe uplifts, free camping tag heur timing and best of all 2 runs with the hill all to yourself! The uplift road at kidland is in awesome condition so I m pretty sure with little effort you ll be able to bang out well over 10 runs on sat and 5 on sun well before racing starts! Basically boys and girls come along and enjoy riding your bike on a track that you won t be able to ride until next year!!

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