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Title: Shattered Humurus
Post by: mtbalex88 on Jul 11, 2012, 20:22
Well it was suppose to be a quiet little ride up at Woburn Sands before some of my friends went off to Canada to do a season out there. I rolled up to do one of the drops which I've done loads of time before but my rear tyre slid out a little and scrubbed out a bit of speed, but I just keeped on going. As I got to the drop I knew I was going way to slow but it was to late to stop and I had to do it, I prepared for a massive hang up but somehow manages to land it OK. Because I my body position, I shot off quickly to the right and got high sided into a tree. I knew it was broken as soon as I hit it, I heard that crack and felt my arm moving in the most unusual way.
Well I when straight to hospital where I was X-rayed and put into a cast pretty quick, the orthopedic specialists where all very impressed by how bad the break was and said I would probably need surgery but they only keep me in over night and sent my on my way some time after lunch the next day.
After ten days, I when back for my check up where I had another x-ray and it was determined that I'd need an operation to make sure my arm doesn't heal bent. I was booked in the following Friday but being the NHS, it was canceled. I finally got a call on the Sunday morning telling my to come in straight away, so off I went but I told it wouldn't be done until Monday lunch time, so I when off home for Sunday lunch and came back at about bed time. The operation was a complete success and I was back home the next day.
Sadly four weeks later while I was having some physio, it was noticed that my scar looked inflamed, the doctor looked at it for just a moment and turned to me saying it had got infected. I had another operation two days later which was also successful, lucky it was only a small infection which was cleaned out and treated with a lot if antibiotics.
It been really annoying not being able to ride for the last two month and it with how much it has healed, I still have another two months to go. I did miss out of a ten day trip to Les Gets but none the less I did enjoy the sunshine out there and I got some awesome photos out there.
Title: Re: Shattered Humurus
Post by: geebeebee on Jul 16, 2012, 19:52
Hey Alex, that's some break! My fiance did his humerus a few years back and it was pretty similar to yours (http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/3350560/) but the Canadian doctors didn't want to operate (probably too much admin work for them) and made it worse by putting the arm in a heavy fibreglass u-slab thing which in effect pulled the bone apart! Back in the UK he was put back on the right path but decided to try the conservative (non-op) approach... then he broke it again a year or so later (http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/6111963/) and only at Christmas did he have the operation! Now it's all back to normal (but it looks like a garden rake is stuck in his arm when you see it in the x-ray). The main concern has always been the radial nerve... don't know if you had the same problem? He's probably a few years older than you so the whole bone growth/recovery was a bit slow. Looks like from your x-rays you've already got the fluffy stuff/callus formation which is what you want to see! Good luck with the recovery and take it easy with the physio :)
Title: Re: Shattered Humurus
Post by: mtbalex88 on Jul 17, 2012, 18:14
Those picture look pretty horrific, but it does look like a cleaner break then mine. There was a big worry about cutting the radial nerves while operating but luckily they took great care to avoid cutting them. Good to her your fiance is fit and well now, it won't be until early September until I'm aloud back on the bike so I'm counting down the days as I'm sure he was doing.