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Review – Madison Zenith Riding Kit

The Daily Express has warned that 2017 will see the "worst winter' since Jesus was a nipper so lets not take any chances. get stocked up on some decent winter riding kit. First on our list of "Snowmageddon" essentials is the always impressive Madison Zenith range.

Madison 77 Limited Edition Kit – First Look

Incredible to think Madison have been making cycling kit for 40 years! To celebrate that landmark they have released some special edition 77 MTB kit. Tim's got himself a set. Check out his first thoughts.

EXCLUSIVE – Ben Moore Interview

Rideitout's Tim Sadler sat down for chat with Urban DH Specialist and Orange Bikes rider Ben Moore who is no doubt having a pretty epic year. Check out our exclusive interview

DMR VTwin Pedals – First Look

We never thought we'd see the day but DMR have indeed gone and made a clipless pedal - The VTwin. We've bolted a pair on to see how they fair.

DMR Deathgrip – First Look

'A grip for the brave'. We won't argue with that tag line. Brendog has put the work in on these new grips from DMR. How does the Deathgrip fair for the slightly less brave?

Saracen Killi Flyer Elite – First Look

Born in the early 80’s, the Saracen brand was all but forgotten until Madison grabbed it by its bars and took it back to the podium of both Downhill and Enduro events. With the race ready Myst and Ariel bikes, the Kili Flyer comes in as the trail master in the family.

RockGuardZ Polypropylene Mudguardz – First Look

The days are notably cooler and rain is creeping in more regularly, which means muddy trails. Time to guard up the bikes for the season so we grabbed ourselves Rockguardz new Polypropylene (plastic) mudguard.

Green Oil Range – First Look

Mild winter so far. Problem with mild winters is that instead of crisp icy mornings and frozen trails we get rain which gives us mud which gifts us the thankles...

Tim Sadler


Tim Sadler has a history in the extreme sports industry and has spent a lifetime on bikes. Tim loves nothing more than getting into the technical detail of a product to work out what makes it great, drawing on years of experience. He also loves coffee and instagram.

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