Fort William 2018 – Preview

After a miserable and ridiculously long winter we really really need this. Fort William World Cup is here at last!

Photo Epic – Some of the Best of 2017

Another year wrapped, done and dusted. It was a good one and it's had more 'moments' than we can possibly put into just one article but Brett 'Treeman' Shelfer has compiled some of his best snaps of 2017

Watch – Alex Fayolle – Chinese Downhill

Alexandre Fayolle took a trip to China for the Greenland Downhill Race. It's great to see that they can put together such a cool track! It was fast, technical and had big jumps.

Old Skool Cool – Steve Peat Wins at Fort William

Flicking through the history books of World Cup Downhill, it's hard to know exactly where to start with our search for our favourite moments but we reckon this one will do to kick things off.

Watch – Worst start to a crazy mass-start race ever?

You've spent all night in Hospital with your partner, you head out, no breakfast, chuck on some gear, barge through some crowds and end up in the long line with just a few seconds to spare before a crazy mass start race begins, and then finish 10th! Hats off to Brett Wheeler.


Simon has been a writer and editor for one of the biggest Moto publications in the UK and fondly remembers the days when Downhill Bikes tried to be as heavy as MX bikes. He doesn’t mind admitting he doesn’t live in natural ‘Mountain Bike Country’ in the flat South East but that doesn’t stop him tracking down anything that looks like a hill and riding it. Whatever form it comes in, if it has two wheels and can be propelled forwards, he’ll be interested.

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