Watch – Sam Hill: Running the Game

It's all down to the final round for EWS championship glory with Sam Hill trailing Florian Nicolai by just 60 points. Catch up with Sam as he faces crunch time.

Watch – Audi Nines Course Preview

This years Audi Nines course has the most insane Hip we've ever seen. Check out the full course preview from Sam Reynolds, Clemens Kaudela, Peter Kaiser and Tom Isted


Simon has been a writer and editor for one of the biggest Moto publications in the UK and fondly remembers the days when Downhill Bikes tried to be as heavy as MX bikes. He doesn’t mind admitting he doesn’t live in natural ‘Mountain Bike Country’ in the flat South East but that doesn’t stop him tracking down anything that looks like a hill and riding it. Whatever form it comes in, if it has two wheels and can be propelled forwards, he’ll be interested.

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