For 14 years we have been at the core of UK Mountain Biking. Previously Southern Downhill, the site has evolved into Ride.io and continues to be at the centre of the UK riding scene.

Meet the team behind the URL:

2017 Ride.io has had a new lease of life with Its new Owners-

Emyr Davies- Ems

Elite World Cup Racer, Ems know’s everything there is to know about bikes. Having been on the world circuit for 10 years and still going strong. Ems has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and loves it!
Plus give him anything on 2 wheels and he will probably have it sideways or in the air within 2miniutes!

Meinir Siencyn – Meins
Known to everyone on the circuit as Ems’ better half… Meins has been a proper videographer for over 10 years. Filming documentaries for the BBC, but on the weekends she can be seen shredding the slopes eating Ems ‘s dust or on the side of the track catching all the action. The only female videographer on the world cup scene since 2009. Anything needs filming she’s our girl.

Ems and Meins love people, love animals and love really nice coffee.







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