Joel Anderson has become a name you’ll have seen being flung around the internet, in many a video, usually riding the FEST series jumps with the big dogs. A hugely understated and quiet chap, but the riding does the talking. We set out to try and rip BTR’s new Pinner bike a new one on the sickest cutty turns and sketchiest gaps the South West has to offer. Hit play and see the fruits of our labour! #SteelIsReal

btr pinner

Utilizing this strange and quite lengthy dry spell here in the UK, Exmoor’s trails were rock hard and a perfect testing ground to slam the Pinner into some of the best turns around.

A few words from one half of BTR Fabrications; Burf the welder…
‘A few years ago I saw an edit called “F you, get pumped” and it blew my mind. The riding was insane, and the filming/editing did it proud. I personally have no time for these arty-farty bike films. I want to see a gnarly rider tearing his bike and the track apart, and TommyC captured Joel Anderson doing just that perfectly.

So when it came to choosing a rider and a videographer to produce a video for our new suspension frame, there really was only one choice.

I went along while the pair got to work. My plan was to capture some phone footage for the social medias, but secretly I wanted to see the bike we built with our bare hands getting a thrashing. It was so good to see the bike getting ridden as it was intended, and Joel loved it too! He even said at the end of filming “I get to keep this now, yeah?” That really was the icing on the cake for me.’

Joel would like to thank: BTR, Wideopen/Banshee, Loose Riders, 661 Protection, Deity Components and Stans No Tubes

Video/Photo/Words: Caldwell Visuals

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