Hate Winter – Ride Portugal

During the long cold winter in the UK, it’s always great to get out to a foreign country to find some sun and dusty trails to ride! Recently we’ve been heading out to Portugal to stay with DH holiday company Ride Portugal who are based on the Algarve in the south of Portugal.

We’ve been to a few European winter riding holiday venues over the years, and have always had an amazing time! Riding bikes in sunny warm weather when back at home its wet and cold, what more could you want?! We found Ride Portugal in 2016 and had a great week riding some of the best trails we’ve ever come across, so it was an easy decision to go back again for our preseason testing trip this year!

Ride Portugal have put together the ultimate network of trails with every type of terrain, all within a 5-minute drive of each other! There are seven trails in total, and the guys are always building new things and developing the trails. We’re already excited to go back, after hearing the plans for what is going to be built ahead of next offseason. Here is a Go Pro with Jack Reading down ‘Mac 10’, the fastest wildest trail of the seven!

So what does a week with Ride Portugal DH holidays look like? Book your flight to Faro and be met at the airport by the transfer company who take you straight to the door of the accommodation. The transfer is only 50 minutes. If you’re lucky enough to have a morning flight you can spend the rest of the first day building your bike and relaxing to set yourself up for the next day riding. You’ll spend the rest of the week shredding their amazing trails which are between three and five minutes long for the average good DH rider. Typically a group will do ten runs a day if they’re organized. Lunch is down at the cafe in the local town and is super cheap and really tasty! At the end of the week, the transfer company will drop you back at the airport and home you fly. It’s as easy as that and so much fun!

Our team is ready for the 2017 race season now after a hard winter training in the UK followed by a great week at Ride Portugal setting up the bikes and riding their great trails! Big thanks to Brian and his crew for putting on such a good week for us! See you next offseason guys, we can’t wait!

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