#RideItOut at Moelfre – BDS #4

Team Ride It Out headed to the fourth round of the British Downhill Series at Moelfre Hall, Oswestry

Downhill racing always comes down to your final run, that’s really when it matters and when the pressure turns up. Once you hear those beeps you’re on your own. With Moelfre this weekend, it really was all about the last run. With the sun shinning all day Saturday and most of Sunday it wasn’t until the weekend meant something that the weather really turned. Everyone one was in the same boat, one run in the wet and the first wet run of the weekend. Play it safe or full on flat out? That’s the riders choice. But if you can hang on, flat out always wins!

Is that rain? Photo by Siencs TV

Is that rain? Photo by Siencs TV


Emyr Davies – Photo by Mike Moore


Emyr over the bottom hip – Photo by Mike Moore

Emyr Davies
I had a sick time riding with Bondy this weekend both of us were on for a good one. It was sick fun trying to follow each other with tons of dust, some turns i couldn’t even see, I remember just leaning in hoping that the turn was there.
Both me and bond did good in quali I was 4th with him in 3rd pipping me by half a sec.
I wasn’t far off the win so it was time to open the throttle.
It rained hard for final race runs, but conditions were still grippy because the ground was so dry all week. I pushed hard as I knew everyone else would be cautious. It felt sick and the run was going mint. But that pesky back-end came in front of me and i had to stop to get her back, this happened on the fastest bit of the track. So I lost a heap time, but still pushed hard after to end up in 9th spot which was a bit disappointing but it was good to know the pace is there!

Photo by Siencs TV

Photo by Siencs TV


Photo by Siencs TV

Emyr Davies – Moelfre BDS from Ride.io on Vimeo.

Photo by Siencs TV

Photo by Siencs TV

Al Bond

Al Bond – Photo by Mike Moore

Al Bond
Good weekend up at moelfre BDS. Been on holiday (without a bike) for 3 weeks so was worried I wasn’t going to be able to hack the pace. But a 2nd in timed training soon alleviated that worry.
Still carrying some confidence from how I felt I was riding from the previous BDS at Rhyd y felin. I then seeded 3rd with a messy run. So was feeling positive for finals. The weather changed completely from dry and dusty to wet and greasy so that was hard to deal with. But it came down to simple lack of air in the tyre in the end! Damn the sharp rocks at Moelfre! Good weekend riding bicycles though. Can’t wait for the next race!

Ride.io Bar Cam – Moelfre BDS 2016 from Ride.io on Vimeo.


Photo by Mike Moore

Al Bond

Al Bond – Photo by Mike Moore


Photo by Siencs TV


Got to keep those death grips dry! #deathgrip

Thomas Davies
Saturday practise was going well I was enjoying the track even though I’ve had bad experiences there in the past I was feeling confident. Sunday I seeded 10th with a steady run so I knew I could do better in finals but then the weather changed and I had a shocker of a run, sliding out and missing my lines and then not carrying any speed so ended up 18th.


Thomas Davies – Photo by Mike Moore


Our main man Andy Lund, making us faster!


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Mud splatter





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Intro By Rob Lewis

Images by Mike Moore and Siencs TV

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