Team Launch

Polygon UR Team Launch

The Polygon UR Team have been sunning it up in New Zealand in preparation for the 2017 season. We can think of worse places to get prepped.

Rideitout Team 2016

The Rideitout Team have made big changes for 2016. New bikes, new kit and a couple of new additions to the team. We are primed and ready for summer. (more&he...

2016 Polygon UR Team – Launch video

Meeting up at the team house in Queenstown, The whole UR Team prepare to start the 2016 race season in style by tearing up the Skyline bike park (more&hellip... Team Launch 2015

With just a few days to go until round 1 of the BDS this weekend, it's time to launch the all-new Rideitout Team. (more…)...
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