Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim – Pitbikes and Airbags

If you want to keep up with the insane levels that Slopestyle is being taken to then the best way to hone your tricks without breaking yourself to bits is by using an airbag. Sam Pilgrim pushes some boundaries with the safety of a giant cushion

Snabb Carbon – three riders, three styles, same bike

The "Do-All" tag gets thrown around a lot these days when it comes to mountain bikes so rather than just throw the term around some more NS Bikes have put their money where their mouths and let 3 riders put the Snabb Carbon through its paces in three different disciplines.

Sam Pilgrim Tries the GoPro Karma Drone

Given it's less than brilliant start the GoPro karma needs all the help it can get. Step forward Sam Pilgrim to try and convince you it's worth an investment.