Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim Tries the GoPro Karma Drone

Given it's less than brilliant start the GoPro karma needs all the help it can get. Step forward Sam Pilgrim to try and convince you it's worth an investment.

Sam Pilgrim – Full Loam

Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones and Jono Jones show just how much fun you can have building and riding in the loamy stuff.

Sam Pilgrim – The Fort

Sam Pilgrim and Tom Cardy took their bikes to an abandoned WW2 Fort in Harwich and got creative with building some lines to ride

Sam Pilgrim’s Best of 2016

Sam Pilgrim gives us his top five moments from 2016. We reckon he had a pretty big pool of moments to choose from.

Sam Pilgrim Spotted the Big Man

There have been a lot of sightings this Christmas of Santa shredding. If you wanted any more proof that Santa does indeed shred then watch this

E.N.D.U.R.O with Sam Pilgrim

Remember S.K.A.T.E? The game you used to play on Tony Hawks Playstation games? Well Sam Pilgrim and Tom Cardy have a game of E.N.D.U.R.O. Same principle, different tool for the job.