rob warner

Watch – Soho Bikes Episode 1

In the first episode of Soho Bikes, Rob checks in on the shop and shares his thoughts on the 2017 UCI World Cup DH race season

How to Wheelie with Rob Warner

Largely useless (no, not Rob Warner) but definitely good fun. Let Rob show you how to master the Wheelie.

Warner Meets Myriam Nicole

Rob Warner spends some time with Myriam Nicole to find out what makes her tick and how she prepares for the race season ahead.

What do riders really think about 29ers at Fort William?

There are plenty of opinions about the the surge of 29ers in Downhill but when it comes to racing the opinions that really count are those of the racers themselves. We chatted to Sam Hill, Mick Hannah, Sam Dale, Jay Williamson, Nigel Page, Rob Warner and more to get some honest opinions about 29ers in World Cup Racing
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