phil atwill

Watch – Phil Atwill Kills it in Finale Ligure

Propain Bikes launched their new 29" trail bike last week, the Hugene. Phil has been out in Finale Ligure putting it through it's paces and getting it set up for the EWS race in France

A Short RAW with Phil Atwill

Bent mechs, a mouth full of loam, and the buzzing of that rear hub ! Phil Atwill, ripping a few corners at the old back-country edit trails. Enjoy !

A Bigger Slice of British Pie – Trailer

We all know how rad A Big Slice of British Pie was. By looking at the trailer, A Bigger Slice looks even better. Check it out. (eyes peeled for Ems killing a quad bike)

Phil Atwill NZ DIARIES #1

A brand new season which means episode 1 of Phil Atwill's New Zealand Diaries. Expect lots of shredding, lots of racing and the same old good times.
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