gee atherton

Not2Bad – Trail Shredding (Full Segment)

If you haven't seen Not2Bad yet then it needs to be on your priority list. This 3 minute segment features Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton, Cam McCaul, Ryan "R-Dogg" Howard, Andrew Shandro and Casey Brown. Watch this then go ride

Cunyngham Meets Gee Atherton

Rich Cunyngham sits down with Gee Atherton to talk Racing, Rachel Atherton, Wales and cutting his balls.

Gee Atherton VS 400 Mountain Bikers

This years Fox Hunt was pretty wild with carnage from start to finish. Check out this awesome POV vid from a whole range of competitors taking part, including Gee himself

Gee Atherton’s Foxhunt GoPro run

Watch Gee Atherton pick off 400 riders at this years Foxhunt with his incredible run. The speed of him is pretty incredible and demonstrates just how fast the pros really are

Claudio Calouri #3

Peter Taylor is Irelands own version of Claudio Calouri but with less ego. Check out his unique preview of the Red Bull Foxhunt course.

Gee’s POV – Hardline

Short of riding it ourselves (not a chance!) it's hard to imagine just how hard Hardline actually is. Gee Atherton gives us a clue with his onboard run.