Friday Fry Up #6

Friday at last. May as well spend the last few hours of work having a giggle.

Friday Fry Up #2

It's Friday, it's nearly the end of the day so the weekend starts with a bunch of random stuff in volume 2 of our Friday Fry Up

Friday Fry Up #1

It's 3pm on a Friday. We know that you are definitely not doing any work right now. So hover your hands over your keyboard, pretend that you are thinking about something important, keep a work related tab open and enjoy some random nonsense from the big bad web in the first of our Friday Fry Up's

Friday Flashback #1 -NPS 2007 Round 1

Some philosophers say you should never look back. Only forwards. So with that in mind we're going to start looking back in pure defiance. Friday Flashback #1. ...