Watch – EWS or Bust: Olargues, France

Round three of the EWS proved to be exceptionally gruelling with gnarly tracks and wet weather. Privateer racer Richard Payne gave it his all!

Watch – More RAW from the EWS

The weekends EWS was pretty bonkers chucking the very best around like rag dolls (yes, even Sam Hill!). Check out this 6 minutes of RAW enduro carnage.

Watch – EWS Columbia Highlights

Rain and mud seems to be the theme this year and round 2 of the Enduro World Series was no exception. Check out the chaotic highlights of EWS Columbia.

Watch – EWS RAW – Unrideable?

It takes the other worldly ability of Sam Hill and Cecile Ravanel to ride these barely rideable sections of the EWS Columbia after torrential rain. Watch the carnage.
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