Sam Pilgrim Tries the GoPro Karma Drone

Given it's less than brilliant start the GoPro karma needs all the help it can get. Step forward Sam Pilgrim to try and convince you it's worth an investment.

GoPro Relaunches the Karma Drone

In an increasingly competitive market things didn't go to plan for Go Pro's launch of their much anticipated Karma Drone. After a recall on the drone it's finally re-released

Airdog Drone Chases Chase

It seems like everyone is having a go at developing a drone these days. The Airdog is a drone built for action sports and has a pretty impressive follow mode. CG and Aaron Chase decide to try it out

The DJI Mavic Drone

You wait for one state of the art drone and two come along at once. If the GoPro Karma was already in your basket, hold fire. The Mavic is here and it looks pretty amazing.

The New Go Pro Hero5 & Karma Drone

An 'end to end life capture solution' is what we are all lacking so thank goodness GoPro have once again updated their line of cameras and now included the ultimate toy in their range - a Drone.


Stunning drone one-shot perspective of the Clearcut trail in Gothenburg (more…)...

Antur Stiniog – Teaser Trailer

This is just a little teaser of a full production that is coming soon. Sooner rather than later we hope. This looks like it's going to be good. (more…...