DMR Bikes

Jono Jones chats- DMR Bikes SLED

Jono Jones talks about the DMR Bikes SLED at The Cycle Show 2017- The SLED was launched this year and Jono has been racing it all year, we see what he has to sa...

DMR VTwin Pedals – First Look

We never thought we'd see the day but DMR have indeed gone and made a clipless pedal - The VTwin. We've bolted a pair on to see how they fair.

Core Bike 17 – DMR Sled

DMR have made a big departure from their usual bike designs with the all new Sled. This is their all mountain trail slaying machine.

12 Comps of Christmas Preview

It's December which means it Christmas time, which means it's Winter which also means the trails are wet, muddy and icy and it's bloody cold out there. But fear not because this time of year also means its time for Rideitout's big Christmas giveaway! It's 12 Comps of Christmas time!

The Ex at Exmoor

Three days and 20 stages. It's fair to say the Ex was a pretty brutal affair as far as enduro goes. Check out the vids from all three days of the lung busting event

The Ex presented by DMR Bikes

THE EX presented by DMRBIKES is a three day mountain bike enduro to take place in the north east corner of Exmoor and there are a few entries still left.