cube bikes

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #4

Lazy tries out the Cube Bikes Hanzz 190 at the 2018 launch. Get his first thoughts on the downhill oriented all-rounder.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #3

The Cube Factory is an impressive place. We took a stroll through to see how they are able to churn out so many bikes to so many countries.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #2

285 models and available in 68 countries. Cube Bikes are definitely a force in the cycling world. Check out part 2 of our visit to the Cube Bikes headquarters.

Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #1

Lazy was lucky enough to be invited to the headquarters of Cube Bikes in Germany for their 2018 bike launch. Not one to ever turn down a freebie he headed over there with bells on.

Cube Stereo 160 Race – Full review

lazy's had a few months to get to grips with the Cube Stereo 160 Race. Does the carbon beauty rate highly? Check out his full review

7 Picks – Cube Bikes 2017

Rob recently headed over to Germany to check out the new Cube Factory HQ and their 2017 bikes. Here are his top 7 picks from the new range.
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