Cotic Rocket – Review

Carbon this, hydroformed that? Nah, Tom is loving his straight tubed, Reynolds steel Rocket from Cotic.

Rocketman 3 – Return Of Straightline

Sheffield is at peace. It's quiet....maybe TOO quiet. Is our hero still needed? A new tyranny rises, and a big wheel weapon is needed to combat the new evil.

Bespoked – Handmade Bicycles Show

Rob headed to the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show. A celebration of handcrafted unique bikes from all disciplines and varieties. Some wild and mind blowing creat...

Cotic Bikes Presents – #BangersnMash

The guys at Steel City Media have thrown together some of their favourite bits of the past few years working with Cotic Bikes. (more…)...

What would Rocketman ride?

It’s true. If Rocketman was to be riding a bike we are pretty sure he would be on board the new Cotic Rocket…
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