Ciao George!

George Brannigan says good bye to the Commencal Vallnord DH Team and on to pastures new

How To Get a Banger Shot with JB Liautard

If you want to get a shot this good you'll need some essentials (Jeremy Berthier being one of them). find out what else you need and how to nail that banger of a shot.

Inside Line #2 – Commencal Vallnord Season so far…

Just how much did it mean for Myriam Nicole to become the leader of the DH World Cup? What happened to the team during the last couple of weeks? This is the second episode of Inside Line, a behind the scenes look at what goes down on the COMMENCAL / VALLNORD bus.

Commencal Get Busy

When the FURIOUS calls, everything else can wait. William Robert gets BUSY!
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