Brendan Howey

Brendan Howey – RAW

Brendan Howey, Coast Gravity Park and just the sound of tyres meeting earth. Bliss.

Dark & Dirt – Brendan Howey

Our must watch vid of the day. Brendan Howey's night riding at Sun Peaks Resort makes for a pretty epic watch.

FLOWEY with Howey

It’s not so often you get to witness flawless riding, a style that comes from deep inside, from the guts and the mind of one talented rider. Brendan Howey embraces this type of riding with a mix of flow and delicacy with the dirt. This film is a window into his world..."

Brendan Howey at Coast Gravity Park

You can't accuse Brendan Howey of having a meek and mild approach to trail building. This line is seriously big and he rides it the very same way. (more&hell...
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