brendan fairclough

Roosting and Railing with Brendog

Plenty of roost, plenty of berm railing, just plenty of epic shredding courtesy of Brendog, Gaëtan Vige and the Scott/Velosolutions Team


Watch this then go ride your bike. This really is all the motivation you should need. If the movie is as good as the trailer then we are in for a treat.

#LastOrders Episode 3 – North vs South

Steve Peat and the northern monkeys venture down south to challenge Brendan fairclough and the rest of his merry men to a battle that could decide the fate of man-kind.... Well, kind of.

Deathgrip Movie Trailer

Well this looks good. Brendan's been a busy man this year filming his latest feature length movie with Clay Porter. Deathgrip looks like it's going to be really really good.

Rampage – Brendgog Hits the Deck

Brendog hit the deck pretty hard at Rampage after going over the bars. Thankfully he's just a battered and bruised so we'll hopefully be seeing him back on two wheels for the competition. Check out the vid of his slam.