bernard kerr

Warner Meets Kerr

Rob Warner sits down for a chat with Hardline Champ Bernard Kerr in the first episode of a new Red Bull Series

Red Bull Hardline

Last weekend saw the some of the world's best riders take on Dan Atherton's epic Hardline course in North Wales. Tom was on hand to capture the action.

Bernard Kerr Smashes Hardline

As far as Downhill goes, it doesn't getting any more extreme, scary or risky than Red Bull's Hardline. That, however, didn't stop Bernard Kerr smashing it with this incredible run.

Bernard Kerr – London Living

Bernard Kerr hits the Surrey Hills, just a stones throw from London and hits some jumps, tears up some trails and demonstrates just how good he is on an MX bike...

Bernard Kerr – Queenstown Living 2.0

Bernard Kerr is pumped for the start of the new season and the chance to chase the 2016 King of Crankworx title! His latest edit from Queenstown New Zealand shows all fun, no business.