Transition Bikes 2018 Line Up

Some big changes for the 2018 Transition Bikes line up. Check out what's on offer come the end of the year.

What do riders really think about 29ers at Fort William?

There are plenty of opinions about the the surge of 29ers in Downhill but when it comes to racing the opinions that really count are those of the racers themselves. We chatted to Sam Hill, Mick Hannah, Sam Dale, Jay Williamson, Nigel Page, Rob Warner and more to get some honest opinions about 29ers in World Cup Racing

Santa Cruz Goes Big

Santa Cruz have all grown up and we will finally see how wagon wheels really do on the World Cup circuit this weekend in Lourdes.

Pyga Stage Max – Review

Are 29er's cool yet? Tom's been going against his preconceptions and having a blast hanging on to a short travel, carbon 29er!

Starling Cycles Murmur 29

This looks like it has some potential. Starling Cycles have added a second bike to their collection and this one looks really good. The Murmur 29.

Neko Mulally’s 29er Scott Gambler

Neko Mulally has been busy experimenting and has built his World Cup Scott Gambler frame into a 29er. Clearly he's not entirely sure about it yet but could this be the start of something amongst top flight riders?
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