Deep Summer – Duncan Philpott’s Slideshow

Duncan Philpott took on the Deep Summer Photo Challenge – Make sure you click ‘HD’

If you had four days in one of the most beautiful locations known to mountain bikers, with four loose notherners from the UK and you had to create a 5 minute riding slideshow, you would probably end up with something similar to the following:


The core team: Ali Chapple, Joe Bowman, Craig Evans and Rob Stokes. Yorkshire’s finest plus one Cumbrian who’s practically Scottish.


Nothing but the best diet for our high caliber athletes. Shuttles were common when you have to get so much content in three days. We only broke one truck so we reckon that’s pretty good going!


Mosquito-mageddon. If you’re ever camping in the high alpine, bring Deet…. and lots of it! We had an overnight stay on Sproatt to try and make the best of a sunset and sunrise. However for us, the weather played against us and we were greeted by nothing but cloud in the morning!


Image 4 : A bunch of landscapes that in hindsight… should have probably gone in the slideshow. BC is a beautiful place which is all too easy to forget when you’re in a manic rush riding 24/7.

image 5

Smashing laps and sending gaps, Craig had a hit list of man lines for the slideshow.


Celebrating the final run, of the final feature on the final day… with the biggest crash of three days shooting


A little bit of dutch courage before the slideshow presentation, the crowd response was overwhelming and it was incredible to see the 4 days pay off.


Deep Summer was four days of flat out photography, fun, stress and minimal sleep. It still remains as one of the best things we’ve done with so many experiences crammed into such a short amount of time it was a privilege to take part in it all. From sitting in a boardroom at Whistler Blackcomb on the first morning, surrounded by childhood freeride legends, mountain bike multimedia heavyweights and some of the top photographers in the industry, it seemed a little daunting at first. Needless to say everyone we encountered was super friendly, the nerves died down and once the photography started it all became a blur speeding towards the final destination of the Olympic plaza where the slideshows were presented in front of a packed crowd. Sitting there watching the full collection of slideshows we were overly impressed by the standard of the shows this year. Each member of the team had their own personal favourite and none of us would have wanted to judge it!


We’d like to thank Sarah and all the Whistler / Crankworx staff that makes this event possible, for giving us the opportunity to compete in such a unique event!


Duncan Philpott Photography

Duncan Philpott Deep Summer 2013 from Steel City Media on Vimeo.

All photos are CC Duncan Philpott Photography
Cam Zink
Matt Jones
Joe Bowman
Ali Chapple
Craig Evans
Rob Stokes
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