Squirt Lube & Cleaning – First Look

There are a huge range of different lubes and cleaning products on the market. The nice boys and girls at Squirt have been kind enough to send us a few bits from their range.

Squirt is a South African company producing environmentally friendly, biodegradable products to help us on the way as we continue to spin those pedals. They offer wax based lubricants rather than oil based lubes supplied by other manufactures. These wax based lubes promise less maintenance, with self cleaning properties; that can only be a good thing. I’ll be back with an update soon but for now, here’s a quick run down of their products.


Squirt offer a range of products for cleaning and looking after your bike. Here we have a quick look at most of their range of lubes, cleaners,  sealants and balms.

Biodegradable Bike Cleaner – This is a water-based, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly bike cleaner. This can be purchased ready mixed or in concentrate (1:25).
500ml Ready to go – £4.50
500ml Concentrate – £7.30

Low-Temp Chain Lube – Temperatures below or close to zero can affect the performance of a lubricant, as these low temperatures affect the particle hardness of wax, which results in lower lubrication efficiency. This low-temp lube has a modified congealing point which enables it to operate optimally in low temperatures.
120ml – £7.99
500ml – £25.95

Long Lasting Dry Lube – A multi purpose lube for all conditions, this promises to be “the first successful wax/water emulsion, containing as much wax as needed to last for the duration of a marathon ride.”
120ml – £7.99
500ml – £25.95

Coated Chain – This is a chain manufactured by KMC and then coated in Long Lasting Dry Lube directly by Squirt. No initial degreasing required, ready to go and the only requirements are continued use of Squirt lube. Nickel plated outer plates for more durability.
X9 Chain – £26.00
X10 Chain – £28.50
X11 Chain – £41.00

Tube/Tyre Sealant – Running tubeless setups is pretty commonplace. It took me quite a while to convert, but I’ve been a tubeless user for a while now. This SEAL from Squirt is a 100% biodegradable mixture containing no ammonia. SEAL is a generation 2 sealant containing microfibres that create a mat over the puncture which, they claim, seals the leak faster and holds the air for longer than other brands.
100ml – £6.50
200ml – £12.50

Barrier Balm – I’ve only ever used one of these types of anti-chafe creams before and it helped me out a treat. I was in the middle of a coast to coast ride and was in severe need of help. I’m hoping to have a good season of enduro racing this year so I’m hoping this little beauty will come in useful. Containing lanolin oil and tee tree oil, Barrier Balm from Squirt creates a long lasting microfilm barrier that helps to protect against chafing, irritation, cracking and saddle sores.
100gm – £10.99




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