Royal Mercury Gloves – First Look

Royal Racing now cater for riders needs all year round with the Mercury glove…

I’ve been keen to get my hands on/in a set of Royal’s winter specific Mercury glove for a while, and perfect timing for the current climate, a set arrived this week. With the harsh weather conditions that we experience, it’s not surprising that the UK based company have produced these gloves. The main reason I wanted to use these in cold & wet conditions is that I didn’t want a set of traditional winter riding gloves, that are usually made by not commuter led companies, and are usually pretty boring, although pracitcal but look nowhere near as good as summer riding gloves from your favourite MTB brand.

Looks is where these gloves score highly, with an all black construction, they aren’t the most highly visible gloves if you’re using them for commuting, although have a nice amount of styled reflective patterns across the rear of the hand. They are simple looking with subtle royal graphics across both the back of hand, and not much else really. These don’t look like a winter specific product, but are certainly designed to perform in less than normal conditions.

The palm of the glove is a nice tough 0.8mm synthetic leather with some extra grip at the base of the fingers & palm. The back of the hand is where these gloves really come into their own, being made from a single piece of wind & shower proof material, something that can make the difference between an enjoyable & horrific ride in the wet or windy UK conditions. Seeing as windchill is one of the main reasons you’ll get cold hands whilst riding, these gloves are designed to eliminate that keeping your hands warm & a smile on your face.

A few other nice touches are the slightly extended cuffs giving more wrist coverage when riding. These are secured with a nice tough hook & loop fastener that looks tough as nails, the other thing I really like about these is that the gap between the cuff fastening that you get with most gloves is replaced with a simple piece of stretch material, giving an extra bit of wind protection.

I’m really looking forward to riding in these gloves over the next few weeks, and will be sure to give you the lowdown once I’ve done a few wet & windy rides, which will be soon no doubt! But first impressions of these gloves are great as expected. You get the great looks & clever construction of a Royal riding glove, but with the technology most commonly seen in commuter gloves.

Royal Mercury Gloves RRP £29.99

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Royal are distributed in the UK by Decade Europe


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