N8tive Bars and Stem – Review

N8tive are part of Racing Planet, a German based brand mostly dealing in motorbike parts. N8tive is part of their push into the mountain bike market and they are now offering a range of finishing kit including bars, stems, grips and pedals. I’ve had a set of their 780 bars and an enduro stem on test for a while now.


The 780 bars are, you guessed it, 780mm wide! With a 5/7degree up and backsweep, they are on the money for a comfy bar that can be rolled slightly in the stem to suit your wrists and style. The ends of the bars are laser etched for trimming down as far as 740mm, and the centre of the bar is marked for alignment with the stem. Three version are available in 10, 20 and 30mm rise options.


On the bike they feel good, the angles are about right and 780mm gives plenty of options for cutting down, and at 325g aren’t crazy heavy. RRP £60.00


The Enduro Stem 50, efficiently enough is 50mm long! CNC’d to get the weight down to a respectable 170g, it’s also available in green or black. As with the bars, it does the job admirably, I’ve had no issues with slipping or rotating at all. RRP £50.00

N8tive don’t bring anything new to the table, but if you are after some solid parts for a decent price, especially if you need to do some colour matching, these are your guys!




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