CatEye Volt 6000 – Review


I’ve been a fan of Cateye gear ever since the Stadium many years ago. The Stadium ruled the night riding world for me, I never came across anything that was a close match for it. Ok so the battery was huge and the light colour flickered a little but I could cope with that because I could always see where I was going.


Because of this, the 6000 had a lot to live up to in my eyes and it promised a lot. Super power and reasonable battery life. Do I consider it a replacement for my favourite, the Stadium, I sure do and more.

Features –

  • Ultra bright COB LED (6000 lm)
  • Super wide beam
  • Wireless remote control
  • Battery indicator

I’ve been out riding with many different buddies since using the 6000, I leave it set on a medium setting, turn it on and they are blown away. They then can’t believe it when I then turn it up even more. Riding side by side up hills, they often turn theirs off. It’s not just the power of the beam, it’s also the beam pattern. It’s so wide, easily reaching the sides of your average fire road.

Some might not be keen of the cooling fan on it, this is audable while riding. It didn’t take me long to get used to it and switch off from it. If you can hear the fan, you should be riding faster to drown it out.

It has many different levels of power, I’d maybe say one or two too many but it’s not like they get in the way or are a hassle, I just didn’t use them all. Personally, I’d be happy with a super bright for the tech bits, a low one for slogging up hills and then maybe something in the middle for easier trails.


Clockwise from top/left – Low (8hrs), Middle (4hrs), High (2hrs), Dynamic (1hr). It also has two other modes – All Night (12hrs) and Hyper Constant (11hrs).

Specs –

  • Weight – Light 118g (including bracket/cable), battery 550g
  • Recharge Time – Approx 5hrs
  • Charge/discharge – Approx 300 times
  • Dimensions – Light unit 47 x 59 x 52mm, battery 199 x 46 x 68mm

I’ve had comments and questions from friends asking me if it spoils night riding. It certainly doesn’t, yeah so it’s really bright, the beam is wide and it’s almost daylight right in front of you. But the beam doesn’t reach for miles, there’s still that element of not knowing exactly what is coming up, unless you know the trail that well obviously.


As it comes from CatEye, it’s all good quality kit, like you’d expect. I’ve not had an issue with any part of it and it all comes contained in a neat little padded box to keep it safe.

OK, so the price. Lets talk about that. There’s no denying it’s expensive. I’ve bought cars for less than this. But you truly have to see this light in action to believe it. I never came across a match for the Stadium, and as yet, I’ve not come across a match for the Volt6000. It’ll be too much light for some people for sure, they’ll never understand spending this much on a bike light. But consider this, you’ve just spent upwards of 6k on your swanky pants new ‘enduro’ rig. You work 9-5 during the week but still want to go out riding. Are you going to be happy doing so when you know you could be riding faster with more light? For 10% of the cost of your new bike you can now use it to its full potential, after work, for an extra 4 months of the year. Personally, I’d say that’s a price worth paying.

Would I buy one? Yes I would and I probably will, when this one unfortunately has to go back.

Price – £699.99




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