ASSOS RallyCargo and RallyBoxer Shorts – First Look


So ASSOS have been kind enough to send me some more gear and in-particular their mountain-bike specific shorts. The RallyBoxers use the same great pad as the T-Rally I’ve been using and they’re comfy, my go to undershorts for sure. The RallyCargo shorts are ASSOS first foray in to the MTB baggy short world and they look good so far.


As with all ASSOS gear, these came really nicely and quality packaged. Just a nod to the quality products inside.

H.RallyCargo Shorts –

ASSOS have taken all their years of experience of fabric and clothing design to produce these, their RallyCargo Shorts. The same quality and comfort you come to expect from ASSOS but with a more relaxed fit, suited for mountain biking.

They basically come in black but with different flashes of colour with the zips open, red (which we have here) green and black . A little zipped pocket up front helps keep things safe and tucked away. The inclusion of their 498 fabric makes these good and strong in the right places, water repellent and fast drying. ASSOS have also used the 265 mesh in the front and rear to provide optimal breathability.

The zips top and bottom aid the fit and feel of the shorts. The top one adjusts the waist for fit and the bottom one adds more flexibility when open, adding to the baggy feel.

Sizes –


Price :


RallyBoxer Shorts –

(note – that isn’t me)

The RallyBoxer shorts are similar to the T-Rally Bib Shorts I’ve been using for a while now and have been getting on with really well. See review here – With the T-Rally shorts being more of a cooler day short, the H-RallyBoxer is made from super lightweight materials, making it more suited to those warmer summer days.

They use the same pad, which I have to say is one of the comfiest I’ve come across. They also have these neat ‘impact pads’ which can be put in/taken out as you wish.

Sizes –


Materials –

55% Polyamide

45% Elastane

Price –


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