Caersws Cup Round 5

Image Race report from round 5 of the 2010 Caersws Cup…  + Results and gallery


The Caersws Cup: Round 5  16/17 October

Heading towards Caersws for this year’s fifth and final round of the Caersws Cup the conditions didn’t look hopeful. The fog hung low over the valley and the roads glistened. In the parking field the main pastime was watching people with road tyres and front wheel drive wheelspin their cars nowhere fast across the slick, wet grass.

Daniel Graham

Climbing onto the uplift trailer there was that sinking feeling that you were in for a weekend of damp, sticky mud coating your bike and body. But as you headed up there was a special sight, especially for Wales in October, loose dirt.

Somehow Chris and the guys at Naked Racing had managed to pick a weekend with perfect track conditions: dry, but with enough moisture in the soil to give bags of grip.

Dave Wood

Off the start mound you hit a left hander then straight into the first roadgap. From here you dropped into a series of switchbacks before the track opened out into a couple of big, flatout bus stops. The second spat you into a small stream gap landing right in the middle of half-foot deep braking bumps. Through two more switchbacks and then under a tunnel beneath the fireroad.

Back in the open the tapes were wide to give tons of line choices into a tricky, right-hand switchback. A small drop, another roadgap and you dropped into the woods and hit the big tabletop. From here tight singletrack led you into another right-hander and the long, off-camber section, with a tree bang in the middle, waiting to take your collarbone.

Dropping out of the section into the uplift area, then dropping again into the field you were into the long, grassy sprint to the finish line. Under two minutes was for this was quick.

Astrix Europe also gave away a FREE Havoc R frame in a prize draw!  Someone got a nice prize after a weekends hard racing…

Astrix Europe sponsored the Southerndownhill 2010 race team , check out the bike full built here.

Expert men

146    Leon ROSSER         Team Bicycle Doctor    1:55.63
231    Duncan PORTER        Continental/Orange        1:57.45
335    Dale RUSSELL         n/a                1:57.72

Hardtail men

11000    Richard ACOTT         n/a                2:05.29
21019    Daniel YEOMANS         Howies/Scott            2:06.21
31179    Adam PAGE             Cwmdown/PS Cycles    2:11.23

Juvenile men

963    Callum HAVARD         PS Cycles            2:02.80
958    Shaun RICHARDS         n/a                2:08.99   
972    Lewis BOYCE         n/a                2:09.66

Youth men

867    Philip ATWILL         Swiss & Swallow/Tomac    1:56.59
858    Jono JONES         n/a                2:00.60
856    Mike JONES         n/a                2:00.68

Junior Men

724    Callum DEW         n/a                1:55.68
693    Andrew KELLY         n/a                1:56.23   
658    Matty STUTTARD         Ride-On            1:56.98   

Senior men

109    Simon STUTTARD        Ride-On            1:55.13
273    Jonathan OWEN         Stan Jones Cycles        1:57.14
320    Joe FLANAGAN         All Terrain Cycles        1:57.77

Master men

435    Dave LIST             Stourport Cycles        1:56.83
407    Foz WILLIS             Pete Yates Cycles        2:00.34
417    Neil WHITE             Fanatik Bike Co. USA    2:01.10

Veteran men

509    Darren HOWARTH         661/Guak/Marzocchi    2:02.39
507    Niall INGRAM         Red Mist Racing        2:04.55
520    Tim WEBB (eng)         Red Mist Racing        2:11.19

Youth women

1104    Charlotte HUGHES        No Bull Cycles        2:34.72   

Senior women

1112    Lianne BARTLEMAN    n/a                2:23.84
1117    Amie WILLS             n/a                2:27.15
1109    Esther SANDS         n/a                2:44.74



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Words – Matt Wragg
Photos – Iain McConnell

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